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Top 5 Online Casinos in Africa




The advance of modern technology has given us many luxuries that we can enjoy, from the smartphones that replaced our old phones, cameras, computers, and navigational devices, to free information about anything you can think of, all only a few taps away.  But there is one, out of a handful of luxuries, which really changed our whole perception of the scope of technology – online casinos.

We no longer need to drive to a far away casino or even plan a vacation at some gambling resort just to get a decent opportunity of enjoying some quality gaming, as we have thousands of choices online. However, with so much to choose from, you can easily get a migraine deciding what’s the best place to play, even though you can find most information at sites like Zebra Casino nowadays. Thus, to save you some irritation, here are the 5 best African casinos online:

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Yebo Casino

South Africa’s most popular online casino, Yebo Casino is licensed in Curacao and its games are powered exclusively by Real Time Gaming Software. There is a wide selection of games to play at Yebo Casino, including some of the best slot collections online, with everything from classic 3-reeled slots, to global progressive slots like Cleopatra’s Gold and Aztec’s Millions. You can also find 15 card games, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Pontoon, 2 Roulette variations, Dice, and an impressive Video Poker collection of over 50 games. The casino offers popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill for both withdrawals and deposit, but only one currency – the South African Rand. The welcome bonus at Yebo Casino is 50 free spins + 150% match on your first deposit, and 75% and 50% matches on your second and third deposits, respectively.

Thunderbolt Casino

Thunderbolt casino is one of the most popular African casinos, mostly because it remains loyal to African players by offering them exclusive bonuses. The casino is licensed in Curacao and its games are powered by Real Time Gaming Software. Thunderbolt have more than 70 slots to chose from, including popular progressive titles like Megasaur and Spirit of the Inca, but also 5-reeled classics like Ghost Ship and Pirate Isle. Those who like cards can choose between 11 games, including Blackjack, Poker, and Pontoon, or any of the 9 Video Poker varieties, while table game fans can try 3 Roulette varieties and Craps. The casino accepts several cards and e-wallets, but you can only pay or withdraw in South African Rands. The welcome bonus at Thunderbolt is a 100% match on your first deposit, and 125% and 150% matches on your subsequent deposits.

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Casino Midas

Casino Midas is a gold-plated casino that’s licensed in Curacao and entirely powered by Real Time Gaming Software. The casino’s forte is its slot selection, which ranges from the life changing mega jackpot slots Jackpot Pinatas and Aztec’s Millions to popular 5-reeled titles like Rudolph’s Revenge and Texas Tycoon.  You can also find several Roulette and Blackjack varieties, as well as Pontoon, Baccarat, Craps, and Video Poker. You can pay and withdraw by two e-payment solutions, visa cards, or direct banking , and their welcome bonuses are 100%, 150%, and 200% matches on your first three deposits. is a Gibraltar-licensed online casino that’s powered by one of the best casino game developers in the Industry – Playtech. There are over 100 casino games to choose from, the majority of which are slot games. You can find 50 slots at, from classic-themed games like Rome and Glory to modern five-reeled Holywood games like The Avengers and the Fantastic Four. You can also find a quality table game selection with 16 Roulette variations and Craps, as well as 24 card games, including Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. The casino accepts a wide range of payment solutions and you can withdraw with both e-wallets and cards. The welcome bonus is a 100% match on your first deposit in a maximum of $400, but also up to $3200 in accumulative bonuses on your next 6 deposits.

Bet 365 Casino

Bet 365 is licensed in Gibraltar and powered by the best names in casino game development – Microgaming and Playtech. The casino has some of the most impressive slot collections online, offering everything from major progressive titles like Avengers and Leprechaun’s Luck to modern licensed slots like the Mummy and Iron Man 3. You can also find 5 Roulette varieties, 12 Video Poker games, Craps, Blackjack, Pontoon, Poker, as well as several live dealer games. Bet 365 offer a wide range of payment and withdrawal methods, as well as over 20 currencies to choose from. The welcome bonus at the casino is a 100% match bonus, but you can also get a 200% bonus to spend at the slot games.

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Nigeria’s Detained Shia Leader IbraheemZakzakyTo Seek Medical Treatment In India



It has made recent headlines that Shia Leader IbraheemZakzaky who founded the IMN, has been released to seek medical attention after months of protests demanding the Sheikh’s release. Supporters of the Shia Muslim community have been causing chaos on the streets

Nigeria, a country where peace is important and the surroundings are spectacular, has recently been facing large press scrutiny in the past years due to the IMN.

When Sheikh Zakzaky founded the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) he soon developed a mass following and is considered to be the reason behind the massive growth of Shiaism in Nigeria.The statistics read that over 30 years ago, Nigeria hardly recognized the Shia Muslim community so small it was, however in today’s era there is an estimated 100 million people to be Shia.

What sparked Ibraheem’s passion for the uprising originated from when he converted to Shiaism over 40 years ago after being in Iran and witnessing the revolution which dated back to 1979. This was the era when Ayatollah Khomeini took power from the Shah. This is what pushed Zakzaky to believe this kind of movement was possible in Nigeria. For almost a decade the Sheikh was held as a political prisoner although he remains adamant in his innocence despite charges against him which includes culpable homicide.

IbraheemZakzaky is seeking medical treatment due to reposts of him suffering two strokes and is also reportedly losing his eyesight. The Sheikh is now aged 66 which is what led the court to rule in favour of the Sheikh seeking medical treatment in India but to be accompanied by a delegate who will be escorting Zakzaky back to trial once he acquires the treatment he needs for the ailments he has suffered.

Naturally, his followers accepted the ruling with joyous approval and was quoted in saying that it was a victory and ‘justice against tyranny and impunity’. The IMN also held liable respected and authorities Nigerian officials for abuse against the Sheikhs family as his wife has too been in custody since 2015.

when protests became unruly and violent between the group of extremists and security. One event took place on the front doorstep of federal parliament. Sadly, the lives of several have been lost. One was of a senior police officer while the other, sparked international rage, was of a journalist.

There is the other side which have judged the armed police force for their violent handlings of the protests after a story went international reporting that armed security forces stormed and killed approximately 350 people within the Sheikhs headquarters. Naturally there have been comments made defending the group of security personnel stating they were protecting their own against the IMN group.

A date has yet to be scheduled for IbraheemZakzaky’s trip to India for treatment.

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The Truth about THC Vape Juice Thickeners



One of the greatest inventions in cannabis history is THC vape juice. With the extraction of these cannabinoids, it does not require that you take many puffs. Only a few puffs, and you are “there.”

Another reason you should use THC vape juice is that you can enhance it. While preparing the THC vape oil, you can improve its taste, scent, and its viscosity.

The best thing to use to thicken THC vape oil is a high-quality thickener.

If you want to know more about these solutions (thickeners), then this article offers all the details you would like to know about them.

Thickeners in a nutshell

The best thickeners contain elements that help in converting the wax or distillate into a THC vape juice. Since you add a few drops to it, it is vital to know that these solutions do not dilute the concentrate in any way. Your THC level will remain constant.

Some thickeners, by the way, contain cannabis, not all of them. It is essential to note this because some people buy these terpene thickening agent because they think they will get high. Point of correction: It only enhances the impact of the THC vape juice. That is by adding scent and taste to your vape.

Are thickeners worth it?

The answer is yes. Your THC vape juice will not be anything close to being an e-liquid if you do not use it. Burning or dabbing wax or distillate in its raw state is very strenuous. Your vape pen, which I believe requires charging, will need to use extra power to burn down the concentrate into a vape juice.

When preparing cannabis strains, its natural scent can fill a home. However, if you use an excellent thickener with the right flavor, then the smell becomes discreet. No one will notice what you are making, not even the best cops.

Aside from that, THC concentrates can be tasteless. That, for many, may not be what they want for their THC vape juice.

Difference between diluents and thickeners

A diluent does the opposite. If your THC vape juice is thick, then you can use the diluent to thin it without diluting the vape oil. However, both of them are terpenes and come with a variety of flavors and scents.

Whether you want a diluent or a terpene, is also something you should consider when buying the right terpene.

Are thickeners safe?

Most of the thickening solutions contain terpenes. For first-timers, terpenes are organic compounds found in almost every plant. Cannabis has its own. These compounds give plants their natural taste and scent. Thickeners are extracted terpenes that contribute to the heaviness or lightness of the THC vape juice.

Besides that, the ingredients used to make these solutions are safe for consumption. When buying, check the label to see the components used. If it does not have PG and VG, then that is a safe product to use.

Which is the best to use?

You first have to consider the flavor used. THC vape oil gives you the freedom to add any savor you would want to experience. By the way, there are also flavorless options.

After that, you should find out what amount of it you should add when preparing the THC vape juice. Most of them work best with up to two drops maximum. One drop can bring in a considerable difference.

Therefore, when it comes to this, you have to know what you need first before anything else.

Prefilled cartridges and thickeners

The cartridges that people purchase from shops are often customized to the likeness of the retailer. More often than not, they may not be what we would like.

Since they can compromise on taste, flavor, and the thickness, it is okay if you add a thickener to it. However, ensure that you check the concentration levels to avoid diluting the vape juice. It should also not upset the flavor within the prefilled cartridge.

Mixing calculators

All terpene thickeners you will buy come with a manual. These manuals differ. Ensure that you consult the manuals to get the right mixing ratios.

Final Thoughts

With thickeners, the two most important things to consider are having the right one for your THC vape juice. The other factor is mixing it right.

Wrong proportions can destroy the entire THC vape juice. If you have any questions about how you should mix it, do not hesitate to ask the retailer. He or she should provide all the details you require without hiding anything

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What Young Americans Need To Know About Politics



Just because you don’t like politics or anyone involved with the practice it doesn’t mean that politics won’t have an impact on you. This is especially true if you are young and living in America. Politics is a practice that will not only require you to be cynical without losing your whole concept of idealism, but it will also require you to learn to compromise with those people that you disagree with on almost every topic. Politics in America have become so confusing and complicated that most politicians aren’t even bothering reading bills anymore. Can you imagine where this could potentially leave the younger generation? What kind of example would this set?


Nothing Is Free

If you grow up in America, you will hear your entire life that you are born free. Not only this, but you will also notice that there is free housing, college, and even money available to those needy individuals. Well, what young Americans need to know is that the government might be calling these free amenities, but nothing in life is truly free. Someone somewhere will always pay for these expenses. And, if you are wondering who is paying then there is an even better chance that it isn’t coming out of your pocket. Even if you aren’t paying this time it doesn’t mean that you won’t be in the future. Know that nothing is free, know that you might end up being the one to pay, and know that there are many people that take advantage of these amenities.

Politicians Want To Get Elected

If you think about it, being a successful politician is like scoring the lead role in a movie or land a song on the Top 100. There are hundreds to thousands of talented individuals out there, but for some reason or another only one person will be lucky enough to play on this stage. The news and history show that some of these individuals are well-meaning and will try to put their countries first, but when all is said and done, they usually won’t do the right thing unless someone is watching closely. This isn’t even the type of person that you would want to leave a dog with, but for some reason, young American keeps turning to them to lead their nation.

Problems Usually Don’t Get Fixed

If you have been taking advantage of online casinos or recreational marijuana then you know that the government can make changes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these changes don’t come without a lot of red tape and regulations. Just look how long it took before the nation legalized marijuana and legal gamble. And, this is not to even mention the fact that both online gambling and recreational marijuana use aren’t legal in all 50 states. This is why you will hear politicians spout and brag about bringing big changes. Someone is always promising something when they are running for office, but once they get in little changes. In fact, most American politicians have already proven that they are more effective at just making things worse.

Watch Out For Incentives

It really takes a lot to make a successful career in politics. To be lucky enough to be elected President would be like being lucky enough to get discovered by a talent agent at a local show. This happens, but the odds are slim to none for some. This is why when presented with the opportunity, most politicians will make drastic changes. Luckily, America is America and there are governing bodies that are set in place to kill harmful bills, but it is more than possible for some to pass. People will always respond to incentives and when you have politicians that are willing to go too far, you could end up with a nation in serious trouble.

Certain changes to certain policies could potentially kill certain industries while changing the culture as well. Just look at what Trump has done with all these recent tariffs. He has by all means shown his dominance by sticking to his guns, but it is the young Americans that are suffering. Just look at how much you are paying for a couple of pounds of hamburger meat the next time you are in the grocery store.

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