Housing Expert Urges EIA Studies


An environmentalist,
Dr Joseph Amabebe, has called on all tiers of government and private sectors to carry out Environmental Impact Access (EIA) studies before embarking on any development projects.
Amabebe, gave the advice in an interview with The Tide in his office in Woji, Port Harcourt, last week.
He said without EIA, buildings are in danger of imminent collapse, early decay and rot, as well as degradation.
According to him, without EIA, the tenets of sustainable development will be compromised.
He said, “if you look around at houses in the Coastal regions, you will find that the roof tops particularly the ones with corrugated   iron sheet are all rusted and brownish, before long the roofs will cave in or even be blown away by light storm, many houses also have molds growing out the walls indicative of the harsh effect of the environment on the building.
He further stressed that you will find that a lot of those buildings have cracks,   this he said is because the foundation is being eaten up by the salt water that is characteristic of the area.
He also said people living at the “water side” are at risk because of the ability of water to seep into the houses. But if EIA was done,  the developer would have knowledge of the strength materials to use.
EIA can be used to determine the effect the environment would have on the building and give advise on how to manage it.
He advice developers to always carry out EIA to determine the effect  the environment would have on the building.


Tonye Nria-Dappa