Abuja Estate Residents Appeal For Aid


Residents of the Coop
erative City Garden Estate Subon Lugbe, Abuja, have cried out to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) to come to their aid, following the death of infrastructure in the estate.
The residents, who came together under the Landlords and Tenants Association of Cooperative City Garden Estate (LATACCGE), called on the developer, El-Salem Nigerian Limited to provide necessary infrastructure in the estate.
They claimed that developer failed to provide portable water supply, adding that for an estate of over 650 houses, only one borehole   is inadequate for the estate residents.
Speaking with joumalists in Abuja, one of the property owners, Daly Okoro said that due to the inability of the developer to provide
adequate water for the residents, most over 70 per cent of the house owners resorted to drilling boreholes in their houses adding that this poses a serious danger to the environment.
He said, “ Despite the fact that the developer did not provide water, if you want to drill a borehole, he would ask you to pay between N50,
‘000.00 and  NlOO, 000.00. I paid him N50, 000.00 before he allowed me to drill my borehole. He drilled three boreholes but water never came out from two, only one borehole is functional and it is not even reticulated. Does he expect people to carry buckets to go and be fetching water from the borehole”?
Okoro also alleged that over 90 per cent of the internal road network within the estate are earth roads while only two transformers were
provided for an estate of such magnitude.
“There is no infrastructure. no road, no water, two transformers for an estate of about 650 houses even when most of the subscribers paid 100 per cent. We are not out for confrontation, we have been patient with him for 4years but he has chosen the path of confrontation”.
Another property owner, Mr. Ernie Okeke said,” we are house owners here. We both acquired our lands here at the time El-Salem Nigeria
Limited advertised the estate in 2008/2009. He advertised it as a fully furnished house but we came and paid to him but he failed us by not providing the necessary facilities here. In 2013, during the meeting with the Federal Mortgage Bank, he made commitments that all the infrastructure would be put in place before the end of  2014 and till date, he hasn’t done anything”.
Despite the fact that when he could not deliver the houses when we had paid the advertised amount he pegged it, we were asked to pay adaitional amount outside the original money we paid for him to deliver on the houses and provide infrastructure.
When The Guardian contacted the company Executive Director, Dr. Mike Onyebuchi, said the infrastructure was not completed because the firm used its money and contributions from other property owners for the infrastructure.
“When we sold the houses, we told them that they would pay for infrastructure. We have two 500KV A transformers there, we have completed the electricity, and we also did some of the road network. The letter of final allocation has a condition of sale attached to it, which they executed; the paragraph eight says that you will be expected to pay for the cost of providing infrastructure and services.”
“When we sold our houses, we never referred to the property owners as landlords. For you to be a landlord you must have a title to the property and we have not conferred title to anybody because nobody has fulfilled conditions precedent for that. Most of them tha