Abandoned Train Coaches Litter PH Railway Station

PH Railway Station

Barely two years after the
rehabilitation and inauguration of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), Port Harcourt-Enugu rail lines, old coaches of train belonging to the corporation in the 60’s and 70’s still litter the station in Port Harcourt.
The Tide correspondent who visited the area on Monday observed that despite normal transport services going  on, the premises is littered with abandoned NNPC coaches, equipments belonging to the contractors of the rail lines, Eser West Africa, materials used for the rehabilitation of the rail lines and lots of dilapidated old coaches of trains in the area.
Our correspondent also observed that the abandoned dilapidated old coaches and other materials defaced the beauty of the rail line transport services which was revived recently after it was dormant for decades.
He noted that the old coaches also make visibility difficult as they were over-grown with weeds and home for dangerous reptiles.
Our Correspondent further noted that apart from the administrative block of the Port Harcourt Terminal, staff quarters were still ancient buildings built since the corporation started business in the Eastern region before the creation of the present state and the building not conducive for workers of the corporation.
He however noted that something urgent needed to be done to give the area a face-lift by removing the abandoned passenger coaches, NNPC wagons and others that were used to transport Petroleum Products and Coal to other parts of the country, and to make the area conducive for the workers and for security reasons.
In a brief chat with the station manager, Sanusi Abdullahi said it is only the management that has the authority to dispose off the old coaches of the corporation and confirmed that normal train services had been going on effectively in the area.