Experts Charge Drivers On Modern Technology


Stakeholders in the
nation’s transport sector have called on professional drivers to take advantage of modern technology for them to be relevant in their profession.
The stakeholders spoke at the maiden edition of the Nigerian Driver’s Conference with the theme,: “Enhancing Driving Experience, Reducing Risks, Crashes and Casualties”, held on Saturday in Lagos.
The event, organised by Technology Avenue, is aimed at educating and enhancing the driving experience of drivers, as well as reducing risks, road crashes and casualties.
Project Manager, Jobberman Workcenta, Miss Angela Iyeke noted that many “professional” drivers still employ “unprofessional” approach in the discharge of their duty.
“A driver of tomorrow is a professional in the discharge of his duty and technologically savvy because by the year 2030, the automobile industry will be largely based on smarter technology.
“For instance, we are beginning to see the introduction of driverless cars that utilise geo-navigational systems and sensors.
“So, today’s driver needs to begin to brace up and constantly look for ways to remain relevant.
“Your idle time is not the best time to discuss results of football matches, but to pick up a book and read to enhance your skills.
“There is nothing wrong in enrolling for a part-time study programme either in a conventional institution or online. They must look for ways to develop their skills,’’ she said.
She also cautioned drivers to remain professional while negotiating for jobs.
“As a professional driver in a company or an organisation, you must not belittle yourself. Otherwise, your employer or other people will look down on you as professional driving is not a menial job.
“They learn how to maintain their cars. If they know what their job entails, they will do it well, keep to time and be honest.”
Area Commander, Vehicle Inspection Service , Lagos Island, Mr. Hakeem Balogun urged drivers to embrace what he called preventive maintenance and not wait unitl their vehicles develop mechanical faults.
He further urged professional drivers to be tolerant of learner drivers while on the wheels, saying they should give them considerable distance and drive cautiously without intimidating them.
Proprietor, Oyewo Driving College, Lagos, Mr. Ademola Oyewo lauded the organizers, describing it as an innovative approach to driving.
“Conferences like this should be organised regularly because it gives room for drivers to be reoriented on modern trends in technology, work ethics and job opportunities.
Participants at the conference include drivers, bus fleet operators, representatives of the state vehicle inspection office, the Federal Road Safety Corps and employers of labour.