Stakeholder Decries Abandoned Wrecked Vessels On Waterways


A stakeholder in the
marine industry, Captain Pedro Faribo has expressed worry as wrecked vessels still litter the marine environment in Rivers State and other areas in the country.
Faribo in an interview with The Tide correspondent in Port Harcourt said the development had posed a great  danger to safe navigation and growth of the sector.
He noted with dismay that the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) had not done enough in the removal of wrecked ships and other vessels from the nations waters as they are responsible to carry out such projects at the waterways.
According to him, for sometimes, it was reported that NPA removed about 30 wrecked vessels and ships in the Lagos pilotage district and the Port Harcourt Bonny pilotage district, pointing out that the coastal areas still need proactive action because of the large number of wrecked ships and vessels in the area.
Faribo, who is also the Managing Director of Marine Safety and Leasing Ltd opined that the removal of the wrecks out of the waterways should be taken seriously  in order to save lives and properties of marines, stressing that it is only in this part of the maritime world that removal of wrecks were not given priority attention by the authorities.
He reiterated that to have a safe navigation and beautiful coastal environment, removal of wrecks had to be  prioritised in order to also protect the resources under the water.
“Wrecks constitute a great danger to navigation and our waterways especially at high tide as it could cause boats to capsize and result to loss of precious lives and property”, he posited, pointing out that although it is capital intensive, but safety of lives and property should be paramount.
Faribo also called for dredging of some coastal areas for better marine activities and revenue to the country.


Collins Barasimeye