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PH Residents Hail RSG Over Roads



Motorists, residents
and business operators at New Road, Borikiri, Port Harcourt township have commended the Rivers State Government  on the construction of roads in the area.
The people in an interview with The Tide during a visit to the  area said they were highly impressed  with the on-going construction work of the roads and drainages in the area, which had been in deplorable  conditions during  the previous administration.
They noted that with the rehabilitation of the roads, business activities have strived, residents no longer find it difficult going to their  destinations and motorists   now  ply the area with ease as all the pot holes  have disappeared gradually.
They expressed delight that the area would be “Small London” after the project and pledge  their  unalloyed  support and co-operation to the present government in the state.
A former chairman  of Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area, Hon Buruwari Alapu said with the construction of the road, most motorists and residents have been relieved of their tension as life  is coming back to normal.
Before now, so many tenants  packed out of the area due to the bad road, but now people are coming to the area to rent  houses and small  business springing up. I think it is a nice move by the present  government  under Governor Nyesom Wike.
I wish  him to continue and I appreciate him immensely”, Alapu said.
A petty trader, Diana Ibifari also commended the quality of job done in the area and noted that it had helped boost business in the area, and lauded Governor  Nyesom Wike for a job  well done  and  for remembering the people of New Road, Borikiri Township.
She said he should  not relent his efforts and prayed God to give him the courage, wisdom and protection.
A resident, Odikibiebama Kaizer said it is a nice project as people could move to their houses without stress.
“It  was something  we  have been praying for and our prayers have been answered. We  appreciate the Governor, Chief  Nyesom  Wike for his love towards the people of the area Kaizer posited.
In his reaction, a commercial driver  Emeka Onyemachi said that   before  now, he was afraid of going to New road axis  of Port Harcourt, but could now proudly drive to the area with  confidence.

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Why Social Media Is Important For Marketing in Business



Nowadays running a business is one of the easiest thingsthat you can do. It can be a small business or a big one it doesn’t matter. Thanksto technology there are so many easy ways to market your business online. This brings us to the topic at hand as to why social,media is important for business marketing.

Directing Traffic towards Your Business

Marketing your business on social media will give your business the limelight that you needs to get the customers that you want. Besides getting visibility you also can attract a global audience through social media platforms. There is no other platform that gets more attention than social media.

Social Media Shows Trustworthiness

One thing that you should keep in mind while marketing your online casino au business on social media is that customers want something they can trust. By posting your brand on social media you get the feedback you need. The more response that you get from your post is what will get more people to trust your brand.

Humanizing Your Brand

Connecting with your customers on social media is one of the ways to bring life into your new online casino business. It’s not all about your making use of these platforms to market your business but also getting to understand theneed of your customers.

Gets You Customer Loyalty

What could be better than a free way to establish brand loyalty? Customers interact with and follow the companies they like. What’s more fascinating is that 53% of clients who follow your company on social media are likely to be loyal to it specifically.If clients follow you on social media, they’re more likely to select you over your competitors.


There are so many benefits that can be brought about by the use of social media in your business. It’s the new way of, marketing that will make your brand grow.

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Ways to Use Technology in a Small Business



Technology can greatly increase the success of your business. In different cases, the use of technology may be the progression of the processes you have in place already. In this competitive era using technology as a kind of support to boost your business skills and opportunities can be the best way.

Technology has also changed the online casino gambling industry. It has increased convenience formobile users so that gambling is accessible all the time.

In this article, we are going to give you ways to use technology in a small business.

Use Technology in a Business to Connect with People

One of the great ways of using technology is the ability to communicate and connect with other people. Technology has become a crucial part of not only an individual’s life but also the business. It is an amazing tool to get in touch with customers and employees.

When it comes to modern technology, sending emails and newsletters to the customers can lead one to grow his business overtime.

Therefore, there is an important increase in the sphere of collaboration, with a certain level of flexibility. It has become convenient and also teamwork has grown to a level of understanding.

Improve Marketing Tactics

Regardless of the type of business that an individual is starting, there need to be specific marketing techniques. It would help in the company’s expansion. With technology, it has now become more accessible than ever to hone on those tactical skills to have a real money casinos in Newzealand to be successful business.

In addition, there is software that can help one to build a reliable and solid business plan. Building a company website is an excellent goal for creating a business plan.

In conclusion, these are some ways on how to use technology in a small business.

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Top Reasons Why a Research is Necessary When Traveling



When traveling, research can significantly affect how the new environment you’re going to will receive you. Researching about a country you’re going to gives you a great understanding of the area. It also gives you information on what to expect and what to avoid. However, researching is also important when you want to play online gambling games as well.

Let’s look at the reasons why researching is important before you travel.

You Discover the Hidden Gems of Your Destination When You Research

If you research properly before traveling, it gives you an insight into the must-visit places. Researching also gives you a chance to be adventurous without the need of relying on a tour guide. Having proper information about a place you want to travel to gives you the chance to explore more.

Helps to Understand and Appreciate Different Cultures

Moreover, understanding the social norms of your travel destination helps you to easily get used to the environment. You should be in a position to teach yourself a few words used by people in the country you’re in. Doing this can help you to minimize the issues of a language barrier.

Appreciating the culture of a country you’re traveling to is necessary. For instance, knowing the appropriate dress code for a certain occasion is important since some places have rules on this. Believe us, you do not have to dress offensively in a foreign country you’re unfamiliar with.

Know the Places to Avoid

Furthermore, if you research properly before traveling, you’ll know certain places to avoid. For instance, make sure you gather some information on the streets that may be dangerous. This helps to avoid situations of being robbed your hard earned money from online blackjack games .

Researching Helps You to Evade Scammers

In addition, it is important to know how to stay away from places and people leading you to get scammed. So, how do you avoid getting scammed? Researching well can help you with that.

Doing proper research gives you the chance to make informed decisions when the need arises. It is crucial to understand that not everything will flow smoothly in your travel expeditions.

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