Why Private Schools’ Teachers Can’t Unionise – NUT


The Lagos wing of the Ni
geria Union of Teachers (NUT) said that the hard-line structure of school owners had made it impossible for teachers in private schools to participate in activities of the organised labour as members.
Mr Segun Raheem, Chairman of the union told newsmen yesterday  in Lagos that some of the teachers in private schools who had participated in union activities in the past ended up losing their jobs.
He said that the union had to appoint coordinators to oversee the affairs and welfare of teachers in private schools in different zones.
“Those coordinators who were reporting back to the union were, eventually, fired by their employers.
“This has led to teachers in private schools to stop participating in the activities of the union,’’ Raheem said.
Raheem said that teachers in private schools were usually made to sign an undertaking that they would not belong to any union on being employed.
He said that the union had earlier written a letter to the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) to ensure that teachers in private schools were captured and licensed.
According to him, the act would discourage private school owners from employing unqualified teachers.
Meanwhile, Mr Kamal Akande, the President of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), said that hard-line policies of private school owners preventing their teachers from joining NUT had not been brought to his notice.
Akande said that he was willing to allow teachers in his school to join the NUT if the union was willing to accommodate them.
“NUT does not signify whether intending members are either private or public school teachers.
“NUT is NUT everywhere, whether private or public school teachers. So I am ready to encourage my teachers to join the NUT ,’’ he said.
Akande , however, said that it was easier for the public school teachers to join the union and hold offices because they were being paid by the government.
“I will encourage the union to do its homework well by carrying the private schools along and extending membership forms to their teachers,’’ he said.