Nigeria Loses N4bn Monthly To Productivity Loss – Centre


The Centre for Manage
ment Development (CMD) said Nigeria lost N4 billion monthly as a result of loss of productivity.
Its Director-General, Dr Kabir Usman told newsmen in Abuja, on Tuesday, that the hours being lost had debilitating impact on the economic growth and development of the country.
“There is huge loss of productivity; more or less we are losing in the region of about N4 billion every month as a result of loss of productivity, because if you have a civil servant that is late by half an hour, when you look at that, it is almost one-eighth of the salary that is gone.
“It should be translated to the region of not less than N4 billion a month and for 12 months, you are talking about almost N50 billion lost in terms of man hours and productivity.
“These are sort of targets and the benchmarks we set for ourselves that we want to make sure that we provide relevant training so that we can make sure that the civil servants – federal and state – are much more productive than ever and that they are conscious of cost and they are more conscious about providing quality service.’’
Usman said it was the responsibility of the centre to challenge the attitude and mentality of Nigerians in consonance with the Change Agenda of the Federal Government.
He said that the centre had already produced a time table of accreditation and quality assurance of training institutions across the country.“We have made it very clear that we are going to provide local content of 10 per cent of what we do abroad that means we are going to create so many jobs.
“So, collectively we are going to work together with the states, federal government and the private sector to ensure that we raise the capacity of Nigerian workers.’’
The director-general further said that the centre would promote the integration of local content in building the capacity of management consultants and institutions.
“If at all, we can say, all management development institutions and the management consultants can do 10 per cent of their training locally, that will create about 500, 000 jobs, because when you look at it, it cost us about 1 billion dollars for training overseas (200 billion Naira), even 10 per cent is about N20 billion.