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Is Diabetes Killing You? Get Rid Of It Naturally In 30days



If you have diabetes, what I’m about to share with  you in this post could

prevent you from having a premature heart attack, save your eyesight, kidneys, legs,

and nerves—even save your life.


Diabetes has a devastating effect on virtually every system in the body.

This is what sets the stage for a variety of diabetic complications. But, as I will explain,

this devastation is largely preventable if you consistently do the following:


  1. Avoid High Fat Animal Diet (Such as Red Meat and The Fats in Meats)

There is an enzyme called GnT-4a.This enzyme is responsible for enabling

the production of Insulin from the pancreas. When this enzyme is not

available, insulin production is


Scientific studies have found that eating high amounts of animal fats like

red meats from cows, goats, dogs, lambs etc disrupts the production of this

hormone, hence limiting or making the production of Insulin less likely by

the pancreas. When Insulin is not produced in this case, blood sugar will

be elevated leading to the development of type2 diabetes.



  1. Avoid Consuming Huge Amounts of Refined Carbohydrates:

What are refined carbohydrates? Refined carbohydrates are all foods in

packaged food products.

Such as:

  1. All categories of soft drinks
  2. Biscuits, Short breads, white breads, wheat bread, crackers.
  1. All snacks made of flour whether baked, roasted, smoked, or fried.
  2. All foods processed and packaged in cans and bottles Research has found

out that by simply eating with “minerals” or soft drinks all the time, there is

a 20% chance of developing diabetes in a 5 year period.Yet, I know many

people who can not go a day without taking a bottle of soft drink.


  1. Avoid Smoking:

An online scientific journal from the American Medical association recently

disclosed a review of a study conducted which showed that those who smoke

has a 44% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


  1. Avoid A Sedentary lifestyle :

For most people, this period is for vacation and relaxation even at that

you must not break your regular exercise regimen.A sedentary lifestyle is

one that is void of regular exercise. Everybody knows this that lack of

exercise leads to weight gain. The truth is that a sedentary lifestyle can be life threatening.

A life void of exercises can lead to a very weak heart and eventual heart failure (diseased heart)

and this easily results after prolonged physical inactivity. Lack of exercise leads to

the following problems; high blood pressure and poor blood sugar regulation which eventually

results in diabetes. After all, the effect of exercise on the body is the same

effect that Insulin has on the blood stream.


In other words, the work of Insulin is to convert excess sugar in the body

to energy thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

The same goes with exercises. Exercising daily helps the heart and body to

burn excess sugar and converts them to energy thereby lowering the excess

blood sugar levels.


  1. Go The Natural Way: 


The natural way is the only ‘true way’.  Inside this natural solution, we

have harnessed the power of an all-natural remedy that works well without any side effect.


Consuming this Nature-Endowed food will make your body whole again, the way

you were supposed to be. And it works great especially if you’d like to reverse diabetes

and keep it away for good.


No, this isn’t some ‘magic pill’. You’re too smart to believe that

something like that exists. This is natural, the way God intended. Check it


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World Sight Day: 250 Benefit From Free Eye Screening, Medication



As part of events marking the 2019 World Sight Day (WSD), the International Association of Lions Clubs, District 404-A2, Nigeria, Region 6 Screened 250 persons in Port Harcourt.
The exercise, which witnessed free eye screening, treatment and medication for indigent persons in Rivers State, was part of the clubs’ contribution to society.
Making this know in a post-screening interview, the Region Secretary, Lion Sarah Walter George said all the 250 persons screened had one from of eye problem or the other.
“Some of the problems such as inflammation in the eyes only required administering of eye drops and other medications for a given period, depending on the case. The more serious cases were referred”, she said.
Lion George continued that the focus on embarking on the eye screening was necessitated by the fact that many individuals are not aware that even when they can see, they still need to go for eye test.
“Now, all the 250 persons tested had eye challenges, which they would not have known if this exercise had not taken place”, she said.
George, who represented the Region Chairman, Lion Rodney Ambaiowei, therefore, used the opportunity to call on people to go for regular eye checks to avoid going blind gradually.
Also speaking, one of the doctors involved in the screening exercise, Dr Usiaphre Eloho Evonny, stated that most of the cases screened were refractive.
According to her, “some people cannot read, while some can’t see from far or near, and there were cases of cataract that requires surgery.
She further stated that as at press time, there were over 100 refractive cases diagnosed.
Highlights of the occasion was the distribution of eye glasses and drugs to cases that required it.
A total of seven lions clubs in the region collaborated in the exercise, which took place at the Abali Park, Port Harcourt.
They are PHC Crystal Lions, PHC new Garden City Lion Club, Nigeria Delta, Lions Club, PHC Pearl Lions Club, PHC Omega Lions Club, PHC Metro Lions Club, and Bonny Island Lions Club.


Sogbeba Dokubo

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NMA Wants FG To Include Unknown Patients In NHIS



The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has urged the Federal Government to evolve a policy that will include the care of unknown patients in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
Chairman, Lagos State Chapter of NMA, Dr Saliu Oseni, made the call in a statement in commemoration of the 2019 Physicians’ Week yesterday in Lagos.
The Physicians’ Week is an annual event of the association that holds nationwide between October 14 and October 19.
Oseni said that the state chapter would hold a scientific conference on October 16 with the theme: “Care of the Unknown Patient: Policy Overview and Review.”
He decried the absence of an existing policy in the care of unknown patients which had denied such patients easy access to qualitative health care in private and public hospitals.
“We know that a lot of these patients are brought to the hospital by good Samaritans who are not expected to be responsible for the bills incurred after treatment.
“A lot of these cases are victims of road traffic accidents; consequently access to care might be delayed as the provider is worried about who pays the bills.
“This means even where there is a private hospital close by, access to care may not be guaranteed,” he said.

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Breast Cancer: MWAN Calls For Regular Screening



Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN), Rivers State Chapter, has urged females to get vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus, an organism that causes cervical cancer.
The President of MWAN, Rivers State Chapter, Dr. Ibimonye Porbeni, who stated this during a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Port Harcourt, stressed that early stage diagnose of cervical, prostrate and breast cancer can be cured.
Dr Porbeni noted that breast cancer is the commonest and major public health problem affecting women worldwide followed by cancer of the cervix.
She stated that young girls from nine years and above need to vaccinate themselves  against the Human Papilloma Virus as they can also be affected.
“The Human Papilloma Virus vaccine is gotten in University Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, and Medical Women Center, Port Harcourt. Young girls of nine years and above can actually vaccinate themselves against the virus”, she said.
According to her, when vaccinated three times, young girls can actually be protected from the virus, while older women have to do Pap smear once a year, and visit a gynecologist to be examined,
She further advised men to start prostrate cancer screening early from age of thirty-five (35) years as it is commonly seen in older men.
Porbeni however, urged women to go for Mammography examination on the breast in Medical Women Center for early screening.
Also speaking, Dr. Rosemary Ogu, Obstetrician Gynecologist, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, urged women to conduct self breast examination to prevent and ensure no negative changes in breast size or shape, lumps or thickening within the breast.


Iragunima Benice

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