Expert Tasks Nigerians On Home-Made Products


The Manager of Dekoraj
Farms, Lagos, Mr Raji Rilwan, has called on Nigerians to patronize made-in–Nigeria Agric Products.
Rilwan, who specializes in the production of automatic battery poultry cases while speaking to newsmen recently in Lagos said that venturing into poultry production was both lucrative for the young and elderly.
He said poultry production is a great business because it has the potential of providing food for the home and excess for sale.
According to him, it takes only N50,000 to make a cage that can house 96 birds that would last up to 7 to 10 years.
Some of the features of such cages he stated include automatic nipple drinker with cups that reduce water droppings and micro water filter that can make water safe for drinking for the birds.
He explained other uses to include good tiers spacing to avoid droppings on each other, excellent foot rest for birds which reduce to the barest minimum the incidence of eggs being cracked.
The agriculturists opined that if local products were patronized by Nigerians, it  would ultimately lead to increase in the exportation of home made products that could increase foreign exchange for the country and boost the value of the naira.
“When we buy home made products, we encourage the circulation of our currency within the economy and reduce relying on importation.
He emphasised further that the cages produced by the company are built to international quality standards and that they offer automatic insurance to maintain cages bought from the farms.
“We will maintain your cages and ensure that they are intact for years and also help you maximize farm space to get good and well ventilated caging structure”, he said.