Showcasing Rivers Tourist Destinations


Rivers State the Treasure
Base of Nigeria’s located in South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Rivers State was created out of the Old Eastern Region in 1967 with its capital in Port Harcourt.
The state is divided into twenty-three local government areas and several ethnic nationalities.
The state was created out of the Old Eastern Region of Nigeria on May 27,1967 before Bayelsa State was later carved out of it in 1996. Rivers State, named after the many rivers that border its territory, was part of the oil Rivers Protectorate from 1885 till 1893, when it became part of the Niger Coast Protectorate. In 1900 the region was merged with the chartered territories of the Royal Niger Company to form the colony of Southern Nigeria, while the major cities and towns include Port Harcourt City, Bonny, Degema, Ahoada, Isiokpo, Okrika, Opobo, Gokana e.t.c. The state boasts of various tourists attractions such as:
Port Harcourt Tourist Beach: This beach is located on an artificial sand beach along Kolabi Creek east of the old township, this leisure hub has bush-bar, restaurants which offer palmwine, local dishes and entertainment. With a jetty, a restaurant, a wildlife display museum and games room. Other beaches include:
Finima Beach
Finima is a small town in Bonny Island surrounded on the West and South by long stretches of beaches. The beautiful beaches attract tourists and fun seeking inhabitants alike on sunny days and festive periods like Christmas and Easter. As well as Isaka Beach, in Walga, Agaja Beach in Bonny LGA, Elem Ifoko glass sand beach in Delga, Ogbogene beach in Ogba/Egbema LGA, Kono beach in Khalga, Onne beach in Eleme LGA, etc.
Natural Confluences
The natural confluences include Mgbuitanwo salt/fresh water confluence at Emohua LGA, Akuku Toru salt/fresh water confluence in AKULGA and Akpajo salt/fresh water confluence in ELELGA.
The forests which are also tourist delight are:
Upper Orashi Forest Reserve.
Upper Orashi forests are one of the major forest reserves around the Niger Delta area as Bird watching spot of the country. The forest is located near Ikodi Village in Ahoada Local Government Area. The reserve is a freshwater Swamp Forest. Wildlife found in the forest include Scalater’s guenonsi white throated monkeys, red colobus monkeys. Heslop’s pygmy hippopotamus (Hexaprotodeon liberiensis), yellow backed duiker (Sephalophus Sylvicutitor), and Giant forest hogs. Nationally uncommon birds in the forests are Grey parrots (Psittacus erithacas), Estrilda poliopareia, Hartlaub’s duck (pteronetta hartlaubi), Serpent eagle (Dryotrlorchis Spectabilis), Spizactus Africanus, blue- headed dove  Cturtur Brehmen, Brehmen, Black throated Coucal (centropus leucogaster), Black-Casqued Hornbill (Ceratogymna atrata), Black-Casqued Hornbill (Ceratogymna atrata), Red-rumped tinker bird (Pogoniulus atroflavus), Lesser Honey Guide (Indicator Conirostris).
Gabon Woodpecker (Dendropicos gabonensis), Blacked-caped Yellow warbler (Apalis nigriceps), Yellow-chined sunbird (Anthreptes rectirostris) and white-breasted Negro Finch (Nigrita Fusconota). To date 91 species of birds have been recorded. The reserve has an area of 25,165 hectares.
Biseni Forest
Biseni forests is also one of the bird watching sites in Nigeria which is located North-West of Ahoada, just west of the Upper Orashi Forest in the Taylor Creek flood plain of the Niger Delta. The forest which covers a land area of 21,900 hectares, is seasonally flooded during the rains, but dry out during the dry season leaving some numerous small forest lakes Raphia palms and some broad-leafed species such as symphonia gllobulifera and ficus spp are common trees found in the forest. Mammals include white throated monkey (Cercopithecus erythrogaster), pygmy hippopotamus and Yellow backed duiker. Although the forest is yet little explored, 96  species of birds have been recorded. Nationally uncommon species include Sjostedt’s Honey Guide Bulbul )Baeo Pogon Clamans), Trochocercus nigromitratus, parmoptila wood housei and purple headed glossy starling (Lamprotornic purpueiceps. Estrilda poliopareic is a common bird found in the area. Others include Elephant colony in Andoni LGA, Onura forest at Alesa in Eleme LGA.
Parks And Gardens
Isaac Boro Garden Park
Facing the flyover above the main motorpark at the South end of Aba Road, this park was named after Major Isaac Boro who was killed in the Biafran War. The tomb of the unknown soldier here mark’s those who fell in the world wars. The park is a popular venue for live music and other events including trade fairs.
Isaka Holiday Resort
This is a resort on a twenty three hectare Island about a mile from Port Harcourt.
Rivers State Museum
The museum is in the secretariat complex of Rivers State Government. The museum contains artifact related to ethnic groups in the state including masks and carvings.
Zoological Garden, Port Harcourt
Located at Trans-Amadi, the zoo is the home for localized species of animals which include gorilla, drill, chimpanzee, an gwantibo or golden potto forest elephant, Saleginella Species etc.
Cultural Centre, Port Harcourt
Located on Bonny Street has a stage and auditorium for plays, dancing and there are shops where visitors can go and purchase local hand crafts.
Statute Of King Jaja Of Opobo
This beautiful edifice is the statute of King Jaja who founded Opobo land.
Hospitality Industry
These include Hotels, Restaurants and Eateries such as:
Mr Biggs
This eatery is located on Aba Road near the Shell residential complex and other parts of the state capital. It serves local and continental dishes. The restaurant also offers take away services.
Eastern Gardens Chinese Restaurant
Eastern Garden provides a complete taste of Chinese dishes, pork, chicken, chow mein, tofu and many other Chinese delicacies. You will also have the chance to use chopsticks while eating your food.
Chicken Calypos Fast Food And Restaurant
This fast food restaurant offers a wide variety of chicken menu such as fried chicken, grilled chicken, chili chicken and roast chicken with various accompaniments. They have many types of refresh and desserts are also available. The atmosphere is serene and the setting is comfortable.

Le Meridien Ogeyi Place Hotel
Located in the GRA Phase 2 area, this hotel has a restaurant which offers international catering services. The staff are  very friendly and ready to assist you. The place is also clean and with a unique setting. The meals are prepared by a renown chef.
Offering a wide range of Nigerian dishes such as amala, soups, pounded yam, rice and stew all at affordable prices. The restaurant is modern, clean and popular among office workers and students.
This is a top pizza shop in the city as it offers a complete taste of authentic Italian-menu that offers a wide range of salads, large burgers, sandwiches and others.
Park ‘N’ Shop
This is a popular brand in the country and it offers a wide selection of imported goods and caters for both expatriates and well-to-do locals. The shop also features a bakery and extensive wine selection with items such as furniture, electrical goods, computers, gift items, cosmetics etc.
Everyday Emporium
This is a popular superstore that stocks a huge range of tinned and packet foods, wines and spirits, household items and toiletries. Located on the second floor are shops selling electrical items, mobile phone repair and unlocking service and many others.
Hotel Presidential
Hotel Presidential has a total of 251 rooms and 49 suites, situated in the two wings of the building. Wing I consists of 100 rooms and wing II consists of 200 rooms. All rooms have air conditioners, television with cable TV, fridge, telephone with Idd  access, small coffee table with chairman, toilet desk with mirror, bathroom with shower over bath, washing basin toilet, full size wardrobe in the entrance with full length mirror and balcony. The Garden Bar is the place to have a meal while enjoying the cool surroundings.
The Novotel
Located in the heart of the city in a serene and secured environment, Novotel Port Harcourt offer, 2 suites, 117 apartments, 29 non smoking rooms, 2 accessible rooms, internet access, restaurant with terrace area and outdoor swimming pool. The hotel is 5 minutes drive from the Nigerian Air Force base and 20 minutes from the International Airport among numerous others.
Apart from this, there are other areas of interest for both foreigners and locals such as  the cinema houses popular among which are the Silverbird Cinemas located at former Obiwali Cultural Centre along Abonnema Wharf Road, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Tombia Street GRA and the film house located at the Port Harcourt Mall Azikwe Road, Port Harcourt as well Nite clubs such as Boomarang, Oxygen, Casablanca, Afrik Nite Club etc, amongst others