A Mother At Last


The introduction of a female mate into a man’s life no doubt, brings joy. This is why many marriage contracts are usually celebrated. To the celebrants and their families, it is not only a matter of additional acquintance in life, nor a mere fulfilment of a divine ordinance or injunction, but a continuation of the family lineage.
No wonder, a delay in the actualisation of this task, by way of procreation, is usually greeted with contempt. The understanding that a woman is not complete until she has given birth to a child, has forced many young men into expecting babies from their partners as a pre-requisite to the confirmation of their union otherwise no child, no marriage.
Women, who by their faith could not comply to the theory of ‘no child no marriage,’ but had gone ahead to seal their marriage contract, do not find it funny when delay in conception sets in as the attitude of their husbands or sometimes, in-laws and friends towards them remains a far-cry from what they had earlier bargained.
However, while families who are lucky to be married and conceive without delay express joy over the arrival of a new born into their families, those who experience some form of challenges that might have caused a delay in conception and delivery, express deeper and greater joy when eventually, the cry of a baby is heard in their bossom.
The reason is not far-fetched, there are many who had waited till they died without a child, even when they are medically certified fit.
Many women who do not see any legitimacy in child adoption had gone through hell on earth looking for the fruit of the womb, ranging from native medication to massaging and drinking of one bitter concoction after the other.
Even with the introduction of assisted reproductive technology like Invitro Fertilisation (IVF), so many will say “it is not an easy journey.” But to Mrs Augustine-Kitimbi Clarissita, it is no longer a question of how far, but how well. Having passed through the IVF programme in two successive times, every other experience is story, the news is that she is now “Mama Clarissita.”
It was joy unspeakable, as the arms of Mrs Augustine-Kitimbi Clarissita cuddled a baby she could call her own, at  48-years-old, on that fateful 28th day of June, 2015 at Atinu Hospital in Elelenwo, Port Harcourt.
Presence of joyous crowd at the hospital made passers-by and onlookers to querry what the situation was. But the only response that could be given was that a woman had given birth.
Again, have women not been giving birth in that hospital? What then was special about the birth of little Clarissita Josephine Kitimbi?
As the saying goes, it takes only those who had gone through the hurdle of climbing a mountain to know that a returnee from a mountain top deserves a party. Mrs Augustine Kitimbi had dreamt of this memorable day for too long that nothing short of the attendant reaction from both the family members and friends could be a better acknowledgement of a dream come through.
However, the event of June 28th, 2015 at Atinu Hospital, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt, could best be described as a tip of the Ice-berg, joy of the Kitimbis climaxed on Sunday, September 6, 2015 at St Mark’s Anglican Church Elelenwo when little Clarissita was dedicated to God Almighty.
The ocassion was graced by people from all walks of life including women who are still waiting upon God, for their own fulfilment.
Mrs Clarissita Augustine-Kitimbi expressed her joy while dancing and thanking God for remembering her at this point in time. She also recounts her past ordeal: “the mockeries, insults and  worst of all, the negative thoughts of being fed up with life and contemplating suicide, as a better option. “Today, the tears you see in my eyes are tears of joy as I cannot believe my eyes and ears that I am now a mother,” she said.
She said: “All those believing God for this kind of miracle to focus on God only, especially when they have tried all that is humanly possible and all failed, as God always steps in when all hopes and human efforts have failed. “Ignore that evil voice that will be telling you to commit suicide or run out of your matrimonial home, when such thoughts comes know also that your answer is near you. Don’t give up on God, because He has not given up on you,” she further advised.