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You’ve probably have been a situation where an urgent needs to buy some goods. For example, you need a laptop or tablet. Of course, you can immediately go to the nearest store. But you may encounter with two problems:

– In retail stores are too expensive. The prices are often inflated.

– You like model that can simply not be in your area.

And what do you do? Do you renounce your desire? You can rid yourself of this with help site JiJi.ng.


This is a popular site in Nigeria, which allows anyone to place ads with the goods, as well as buy them at a reasonable price. To sell something you need to register your account. It proves that you are a real person and eliminates the risk of fraud. Then you add a product photo and its description. Also, leave your contact data by which you can be contacted.


You can easily buy the goods. The site has more than 160 thousand ads. Using completely free. On the first page you’ll see a map of the entire country, divided into regions. You can buy in your city or anywhere in the country. All products are located in their category. You just need to go to the section and start browsing products. Or clearly specify model. This way, you will faster find a lot that you need.


Once you have decided what you want to buy, you go in the ad itself, read the description and contact the seller. Make your life easier with JiJi.ng. And remember, DO NOT make any payments before receiving an item.