Nigerian School Result Portal



Nigerian School Result Portal is a web application that is programmed to suit the various formats in which the Student Report Card is presented in the Nigerian Colleges (Secondary schools) unlike other school management systems, works on an entirely different model. You don’t install hardware and software, you don’t manage backups, nothing like that. We manage all of that on our end. Just fill the a simple form and we will setup the School Result Portal within 24 hr.

  • Pay absolutely nothing up front. That’s right. Get started without paying a kobo.
  • Cancel at any time. You are not locked in to any annual contracts.
  • Each student pays N300.00 only for Result Checking Card per term to access and print his/her report card.
  • To Oder call: 08034780061.


Report cards are perhaps the most anticipated report of the school term. A cumulation of a student’s hard work throughout the term, a report card can be a huge reward for dedicated students and their parents.

Report cards, however, can be a time-consuming undertaking for both the office and teachers. The School Result Portal streamlines this process so that report cards are no longer a hassle to produce. The School Result Portal automatically completes report cards using the school’s interactive database. Report cards are totally customizable so you can include the information that is important and unique to your school. Once teachers and administrators finalize and approve the report cards, they are available immediately to students and parents. With our school result management system, we guarantee that your students can get their result/performance report on or before the close of school for the term. Parents can access the student result portal anytime from anywhere.


Your school online Result Portal will also serve as an archive for student results. Even after many years of graduation, students can retrieve results as transcript.


International Institutions and Employers can verify a student result using your online school Result Portal.

To see a sample of the Nigerian School Result Portal, please visit this link:  and Click “Administration”

Sample Student Login


PASSWORD: graceonme2010

In this demo result is only available for JSS1

Sample Teacher Login

USERNAME: kaka4real##

To Oder call: 08034780061.