Local Rice Consumption Excites Stallion Group


The General Manager in
charge of Agrobusiness at the Stallion Group, Mr. Amit Kumar, has expressed satisfaction with the rate Nigerian rice consumers have identified with domestic rice brands.
Kumar stated this at the recently concluded Kano Rice Fair which was facilitated by the Growth and Employment in States (GEMS4) project.
The Stallion Group boss expressed that the trend was a welcome development for the group given its leadership position in Nigeria’s rice value chain with several top flight rice brands made from very high quality local rice paddy.
According to him, Stallion rice brands produced by its subsidiary, Popular Farms and Mills Limited and distributed across the country were so well accepted.
He said the development has made the company record considerable rise in sales while also receiving good orders at the one day fair.
On the significance of the fair, Kumar said such outings were vital to the successful market penetration of Nigerian rice brands.
He said more of such promotional events would help boost and sustain rice production, increase awareness and advance the patronage of Nigerian rice brands on the attributes of the group’s brand of rice. Kumar insisted that the Nigerian rice consumer was drawn to either the Royal Stallion Shinka fa or the supper champion. He said this trend was on the account of the high standard demonstrated in the grain quality as well as the packaging.
According to the group boss, thousands of farmers and farmers cooperatives have become partners in the stallion group’s mission of leading Nigerian rice revolution through its backward integration initiative. Group farmer agric centres across rice producing states have be come nodal centre of all such initiatives including off taking locally produced paddy.