Lawyer Urges Police To Obey Laws


Police men have been
asked to obey  the rule of law rather than resorting to self-help.
A Port Harcourt based lawyer and human right  activist, Barr. Jackson Assor, who stated this while speaking with The Tide in Port Harcourt on Monday, expressed regrets that policemen  were breaking the law with impunity.
Barr. Assor expressed regrets that the police were still meddling with matters strickly under civil jurisdiction.
He said the police had no business in tenancy  matters except if there were issues  bothering on crime.
The learned gentlemen stated that despite  repeated warnings, the police have continued to involve themselves in tenancy matter, and noted that such  was a travesty of the law.
Barr. Assor  also  said that the police were taking liberty for licence as they  detained  suspects  beyond constitutional forty  eight  hours for which  accused  person were to be charged  to court.
According to him, “the  rule of self-help  cannot replace of law. Most times when you ask policemen why they are keeping suspects beyond the recommended hours, they simply say they are still investigating. But that really goes against the grain  in country, where the rule of law applies. Every where you see a police  man he is either breaking the law or aiding  someone to break the law.”
He said it was  regrettable  for the police to aid expatriate to violate traffic regulations. He  expatriate violates  our laws  with impunity while the police connive at it.


Chidi Enyie