Non-Payment Of Salaries Is An Aberration – Don


A lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Dr. Steve Wordu has described the delay in the payment of workers salaries to as an aberration.
According to him, salaries are part of budgets already presented and passed and no unreasonable excuse should be given for such delays.
“Salaries are already budgeted for so there is no excuse for any government not to pay salaries if they have the fund”, he said.
Dr. Wordu who is of the department of Sociology reasoned that the issue at stake was not that the governors have not been receiving funds from the central government.
He said even if the oil revenue was down, the basic issue remained that government services and functions were going on.
Explained further, he said part of what government was expected to do as they run the day to day activities of government was to pay salaries side by side.
He described the development as criminal on the part of government even as he said it also violates the function of the budgets.
On the effect on business generally, he explained that every business and economy  runs on purchasing power.
According to him, the ability of people to make demand and the ability to meet supply hinges on the payment of salaries and wages to public servants as at when due.
He added that every business strives on the availability of money in circulation and when people are not paid the aim of the ability to make purchases would be defeated.
Describing what was happening in the country as a dangerous trend, Dr. Wordu avered  that if not checked the serious negative impact on the economy on long run could not be ruled out.
He said decision making and the need to solve the problem needed to be politically decided.