Women’s Ministry Celebrates Day


The Women Ministry
(WM) of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria celebrates her day on Sunday, the 10th day of May 2015.
To this end, members of the ministry across the nation have been charged to be awaken to their responsibilities as children of God.
In a teaching organized by the respective local branches across the country,Tuesday, as part of the activities preparatory to the day, the need for women and Christians in general to be alive to their responsibilities was re-echoed.
At the Assemblies of God Church Agip Road, Port Harcourt, Tuesday, the Senior Minister in charge, Rev Freedom Anyele, who took his texts randomly from the book of Ecclesiastics, explained that the limited time apportioned to every thing under the sun, makes it imperative for people not to toil with the responsibilities vested on them.
According to him, it is more rewarding for believers to remain alive to their responsibities while they live instead of exhibiting a nonchallant posture.
Meanwhile, the leadership of the women department in the church, headed by Mrs Agba Bridget, had earlier encouraged members to strive to have a personal encounter with Jesus as that can aid them in remaining awake to their responsibility.
She insists that women’s efforts as Christian mothers will be futile if they do not take God’s work seriously.
Other activities in the week include visit to charity homes, road walk and evangelism.


Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi