Stakeholder Proffers Solution To Road Crashes


A stakeholder in
road transportation business, Chief Morris Ottoh has proffered solutions to further curb the high incidence of crashes in the country and particularly Rivers State.
Ottoh in a chat with The Tide correspondent in Port Harcourt over the weekend said a mechanism should be put in place by the Government and other relevant authorities that all commercial drivers must be physically fit, healthy and mentally alert before embarking on any journey.
He said no one would be happy to see their loved ones die through road accidents or in the hospital after sustaining an injury from car crashes.
According to him, time has come for the authorities to carry out proactive steps towards dealing with il-mannered attitudes of motorists as some do not even have the basic training from approved driving schools in the country.
The stakeholder further noted that road crashes could be avoided if drivers are well educated on the need to drive and stay alive as well as adopt the right attitude while on the road.
He also stated that the causes of road traffic crashes are not far-fetched as it boils down to the attitudes of ill-trained drivers, some of whom are barely literate and could hardly interpret or understand the road signs that are important to safety.
Ottoh, who has a fleet of commercial vehicles on the roads condemned the use of cell-phones while on wheels, engaging in drunk driving despite various campaigns against the habit of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, adding that there had been an increase in these habits following the sale of alcohol and drugs within  the various motor parks and stations, and called for a thorough check on such illicit business by the authorities.
He said that road crashes do not just occur, but are caused by the motorists themselves and they do not have anything to do with bad or ill-luck, but it is bad driving that causes it.


Collins Barasimieye