Community Solicits Police Intervention Over Crisis


The Rumuoparaolu
family in Elimgbu Community in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area has called on the Rivers State Police Command and zone six Calabar to look into the illegal sales of their land by Rumukamalu family in Attali, in order to prevent bloodshed.
The Rumu-oparaolu family, who spoke through one of their leaders, Chief  Mekaka-Wobo, said the said land, known as “OHIA EGBELU” was rightfully awarded to them by a competent court in Port Harcourt after 30 years of legal battle.
He said the call became necessary after observing the continuous sales/trespass on their land by the Rumu-kamalu family.
Wobo, maintained that since the court was the last hope of the common man, that the defeated family should have accepted their fate.
The Chief explained how land developers and buyers have been transacting with the Rumu-Kamalu family as the bonifide owner instead of the Rumu-oparaolu family.
According to him, the court also awarded N50,000 fine against the defendants as general damages for trespass.
He discarded the issue of communal clash as a result of the land, but called on unsuspecting members of the public to desist forth with from transacting with the Rumu-Kamalu family in connection with the “OHIA EGBELU” land.
The claimants’ family also pleaded with Obio/Akpor authority to call the Rumu-Kamalu family to order in a bid to promoting peaceful co-existence.
The Tide also learnt that the said has in the time past caused a fracas between the two families where some people received matchet cut.
Our reporter further gathered that part of the Rumu-Kamalu’s action was on the ground that they would appeal the matter, hence the Rumu-oparaolu family lacks the legal right to the land as they claim.