Shun Banned Substances, Boxers Advised


The Commonwealth
Super Middle weight title holder, Isaac Ekpo, has advised upcoming boxers to avoid the use of banned substances and remain resolute in pursuit of their career objectives.
Ekpo told newsmen in Lagos that the incidence of banned substances and the non-committal attitude of some of the boxers had stalled the growth of the sport.
“What I want to advise the boxers is, if they are serious, boxing is not like football that you can fight for anybody, the coach will not help you.
“If you decide I want to be a medalist, your hand will be your referee and your judges. So, if you can punch your opponent till he tell you I don’t want to fight again, your hand and your gloves have given you victory.
“Then the next thing is, we should stay away from drugs, if your coach tells you take this you will be okay, if he is not a doctor don’t take it.
“If they test you positive, you say it’s my coach, it’s your name not your coach. You spoil your name, your father’s name and your country.
“So, I will advise other boxers coming up, stay away from drugs, concentrate, think of what you will do for your country before what your country will think of what it will do for you.
“It’s the only advice that I can advise.”