Forever Living Product Gets New Management Team In Nigeria


The management of For
ever Living Product International has appointed a new management team to oversee the affairs of the company in Nigeria.
A release signed by the media consultant to the multi level marketing company, Mr Tony Nwankwo and emailed  to The Tide from Lagos said, Mr Olusegun Israel  Adegboye was  appointed the country’s sales manager, Mr Loye Akinyele as Director Finance and Administration and Mr Bode Olasinde as Director of Operations.
Speaking on his new role the new country’s Sales Director, Mr Olusegun Israel Adegboye commended the outgone management team of the company headed by Mr Cornelius Tay and his wife Caroline Olabisi Tay for carving a niche for the company in Nigeria.
“We will now take off and move it to the next level. We are now looking at incorporating wider and newer markets, he said.
He particularly said that forever Aloe Vera based products provide an inmense invaluable opportunity and we believe that aside those we have in the networks, there are so many other people that can benefit.
The country’s sales Director further said that the new team will provide its distributors with new tools to  enhance their individual business growth.
“We are looking to reduce the very high and increasing unemployment rate by using the social media and other technologies to reach the youths to create reliable streams of income,” he said.
In his lecture entitles, protecting Yourself in a Toxic World a renowned neurologist and trainer in brian optimisation, Dr Abayomi Aiyesimoju, emphasised the need for Nigerians to take their health seriously in an  environment that is pollution prone.
He said that the Nigerian environment was saddled with enormous pollution and sometimes hazardous to health.
The neurologist listed these to include domestic and social pollutions as generated by consumption of hard drugs and uncontrolled smoking habits agricultural pollution as accompanied in food additives.