Chiptuning means that to optimize the package within the engine management unit – that is why it is also referred to as software-tuning. varied parameters just like the quantity of fuel, ignition temporal arrangement and charge pressure are adjusted to every alternative throughout the chiptuning for your car.


FIRST LET’S GET TROUGH SOME vital FACTS. THERE square measure many ways in which TO REPROGRAM automotive’S european (ENGINE management UNIT) counting on THE CAR MANUFACTURE DATE, sort of european ETC.

1)Flashing the european via OBD2 communication port
2)Flashing the european via a special BDM port that’s on the ECU’s motherboard
3)Flashing the european in boot mode, on the table
4)Soldering the EEPROM out of the european and reprogramming it.


Most ECUs from 2000 to 2008 (and several of them even once 2008) square measure flashable via OBD plug. OBD could be a communication port in most cases hidden somewhere underneath the wheel. once victimisation Associate in Nursing OBD flashing tool all you wish to try to to is provides a stable 12V offer to the automotive’s battery and connect with the car with OBD cable. You browse out the european and flash the calibration file over the cable. this can be the best and also the quickest approach of reprogramming the european.


We offer the most effective and most stable OBD tools on the market these days. you’ll rest assured if you have got chosen either CMD Flash OBD, Alientech KessV2 or Frieling SPI Wizard, that you just have one in every of the most effective tool for OBD within the business. the sole totally {different|completely different} is in Frieling SPI Wizard wherever you change different cars by getting separate plugins. With the opposite tools, the majority protocols square measure out there and you simply pay the annual subscription for all the updates and new protocols.
We conjointly provide personal OBD programmers for the tip user. they’re Sedox SPD and Frieling IFlash. They each connect with your personal vehicle and might be wont to flash solely your one personal automotive. With them you’ll exchange original and changed files whenever you wish, or maybe modification multiple changed files.

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Most ECUs from 2002 to 2008 (and some later) have a special communication port on the motherboard referred to as a BDM port. To access this port you wish to require the european out of the automotive and open it. BDM is one in every of the foremost stable ways in which to flash an eu as a result of the european receives a stable 12V power, and might be flashed over and yet again. BDM is additionally used for backup if one thing goes wrong with the flashing via OBD.


Tools that program via BDM port in our provide square measure CMD Flash (with BDM plugin), Alientech K-TAG (which conjointly will boot mode) and EVC BDM100. These square measure the most effective tools within the world for this job, and that they will not allow you to down. With CMD Flash you furthermore mght receive a BDM adapter that you just will solder on the european, however the most effective and quickest approach is to get a BDM frame that you just will use with BDM adapters and quickly position the BDM probes to the motherboard. No fastening, simply glide it up and down. we tend to even have to say the Piasini Serial Suite tool that conjointly works within the same approach (not like standard BDM, however a lot of like boot mode), however could be a very little a lot of directed to the Asian market car’s and ECU’s. This tool will flash some ECUs that no-one else will, however conjointly doesn’t support a number of the foremost common ECUs. this can be a awfully smart ordinal tool, identical as K-TAG.

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Flashing via „boot mode“ could be a procedure of taking the european out of the automotive, and programing it on the table whereas connecting special cables to the ECU’s connective pins. generally you furthermore mght have to be compelled to do some fastening, like adding resistors to the motherboard or similar. we will divide the boot mode on recent generation boot mode and new generation boot mode.

Tools which will flash ECUs via BOOT Mode square measure CMD Flash (with BOOT Mode plugin and hardware), Alientech K-TAG (also used for BDM) and EVC BSL100.
When we tend to square measure talking a few BOOT mode flashing we square measure talking concerning therefore referred to as new generation BOOT Mode, and ways in which of flashing the latest fast ECUs like old master EDC17, MED17, Siemens PCR two.1 etc. recent generation BOOT Mode is never used these days as a result of most of these ECU’s will currently be done via OBD.

Also, here once more we want to say the Piasini Serial Suite that works nice for Asian ECUs and a few ECUs that cannot be finished the other tool (old generation BOOT Mode).

Let’s simply justify what we tend to mean with “old generation boot mode” and “new generation boot mode”.

Old generation boot mode could be a thanks to flash older ECUs that cannot be done via OBD. a number of them is finished EEPROM reprogrammation however with boot mode you’ll avoid that. So, the boot mode itself is created by merely connecting to the european connective pins (+12 V, 0 Volt, K-line). In same cases you may even have to open the european and add some resistance or activate the european with boot pin.

New generation boot mode is mosty created for flashing fast ECUs with latest generation Tricore processors. These ECUs generally is done via OBD however principally solely up to 2009 producing year. afterward the european makers have started desegregation “Tuning protection” and with it attempting to disable flashing of the european outside of the works and authorised dealers. as a result of these protections we want to use the new generation boot mode to read/write the european, or just to unlock it for OBD flashing. this can be finished taking the european out of the automotive, gap it and connecting to specific pins and contacts on the motherboard. generally fastening of further resistors is additionally necessary.

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Soldering is employed principally for older automotive ECUs and got to be used for an enormous proportion of truck ECUs. this can be the procedure wherever you’re taking the european out of the automotive, open it and desolder out the EEPROM chip. You then have to be compelled to browse out this chip victimisation Associate in Nursing EEPROM computer user like Beeprog or Labtool. After read, file is changed and so programmed back on a chip (or on a replacement, empty one). Then you solder the chip back to the european.


-a fastening station with all the adapters
-an EEPROM computer user
-soldering accessories
-empty EEPROMs

Metcal fastening station is one in every of the most effective fastening station for this job. top quality and cheap worth makes this station our alternative. Beeprog EEPROM computer user with all its adapters can program all the eproms you wish for this job.

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OK currently I actually have TOOLS, however WHAT concerning FILES?

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