Appraising The Garden City Corporate Awards


One of the driving forces of any
economy is a vibrant private sector
involvement in employment and employment creation, since it is widely believed that most governments are not good business people. This much desired private sector imput is often taken for granted by companies doing business in Rivers State.
It  is perhaps to blow the whistle as a wake-up call and indeed power such vibrant private sector involvement and engineer healthy competition that the Rivers State Ministry of Commerce and Industry, recently announced the Garden City Corporate awards, which premiers today at the Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt.
The Tide welcomes the Ministry’s initiative as it will serve as a constant reminder to companies operating in the state of their corporate social responsibility to host communities and indeed the state.
It is truly sad that some companies even evade tax  at these challenging times while, a negligible few are indeed sensitive to their responsibility to the revenue needs of the host state and also go the extra mile to partner with the state on job creation. The Awards therefore, should separate the tax evaders from the responsible corporate citizens that shall be celebrated today.
We understand that 10 corporate citizens have already been shortlisted for the honours, out of which one will will emerge overall Best Corporate Citizen of the year 2014. The successful ones were drawn from an initial shortlist of 35 companies by a team of seasoned mass media practitioners.
Chairman of the Committee, who is also the General Manager of Rivers State Broadcasting Corporation, Ms Medline Tador, was quoted as saying that all arrangements have been concluded and that Award recipients will be unveiled during the event, today. She explained that the awards are in three categories and cover large, medium and small scale organizations, with a Special bias for excellent business ethics, community and human resource development.
In each category, we understand, three Awards will be presented, with key considerations bordering exemplary environment and corporate social responsibility in the business sector through polices, plans and activities and corporate contribution to employment and employment generation which ultimately grow the economy of the state.
The other yardsticks are, corporate innovative services which foster sustainable partnership between the public and private sectors, with a measurable impact on community while the over-all winner must have displayed excellent performance, exemplifying extraordinary leadership resulting in tremendous social progress.
Beyond these expectations, all selected companies must have been registered with Rivers State Government and taxpaying; must be doing business in the state; must have operational headquarters in the state and must enjoy appreciable recognition by the people of the state. The rest are: High quality of work in the state; Good relations with host community; must have been in business for a minimum of 10 years in the state and must have an outstanding employer/employee relations.
One problem with such innovative ideas is that they die after the maiden experience. This why while The Tide commends the State government for its ingenuity in inventing the awards we find it instructive to advise that the honours be bestowed annually, if they are to make the desired impact.

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