Rivers A-GExplains Laptop Gifts To Lawyers


The Rivers State At
torney General and Commissioner for Justice, Hon Worgu Boms, has said that the gift of Laptops to lawyers practicising in the state was never intended to bribe the lawyers but a product of the meeting between the lawyers and state government.
Hon. Boms, who stated this while speaking with the Young Lawyers Forum in Port Harcourt recently said the gifts were intended to facilitate the dispensation of justice.
According to him, it was intended to bring about a faster way of doing the court business.
He said when he became the AG, he decided to devise a way of making cases to be easily disposed off.
The Commissioner said he had met Googles with the view of creating software that would facilitate the service of processes between parties.
He said the laptops were only given to those who attended the meeting with the state government in 2012.
Hon. Boms explained that at the meeting, the lawyers had made a request for the provision of ipads but it was considered that the ipads would not be good enough for the purpose consequently laptops were given to them.
The Commissioner for Justice expressed regrets that some people miscontrued the gift to be bribe.
He told those who attended the meeting and had not gotten their laptops to go to the ministry to collect their laptops.


Chidi Enyie