Lagos Lawyer Makes Case For Accused Persons In Rivers


Lagos State based lawyer,
Abraham Jande, has called on the Rivers State Government to seek ways of re-opening the courts in the state in order to alleviate the sufferings of accused persons in both police cells and prison custody.
Barr. Jande, who spoke with The Tide in Owerri at the weekend, said the continual closure of the courts was working hardship on legal practitioners who earned their living through the courts.
He said that Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) industrial could be resolved if government stepped in to broker peace.
Barr. Jande, who was at the Bar Conference in Owerri, noted that the judiciary was the last hope of the common man therefore should not be allowed to remain closed.
He pointed out lawyers, criminals, businessmen and everybody that had something to do with the courts had been shortchanged.
The Lagos lawyer said the situation had become critical for lawyers and should not be allowed to degenerate.
The lawyer said it was not proper for courts to remain closed given the slut of cases in Nigerian courts.
Barr. Jande noted that the reason for the “front loading system was to check the situation where matters lingered for the upward of ten years.
He described the presentscenario as pathetic and called on all to join hands to see that Jusun strike is called off.


Chidi Enyie