Adamu Born July 23, 1946


Abdullahi Adamu was
born on 23 July 1946. He was governor of Nasarawa State in Nigeria from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007.
He attended the Government Secondary School, Makurdi (1960-1962), the Government Technical College, Bukuru (1962-1965) and Kaduna Polytechnic  (1965-1968). He returned to Kaduna Polytechnic for a Higher National Diploma in June 1971.
Abdullahi Adamu started work in 1967 with the Electricity Corporation of Nigeria. In 1971 he joined the Northern Nigeria Development Corporation (NNDC) Kaduna. In 1973 he became a joined AEK, a consultancy firm, where he was Project Manager for construction of Durbar Hotel and Murtala Mohammed Square, Kaduna. In October 1975, he was appointed the Executive Secretary of the Benue/Plateau Constrction Company by the Benue/Plateau State government. From February 1980 – September 1983 he was chairman of the Benue Cement Company Gboko.
In 1987, he enrolled in the part-time degree programme of the University of Jos, obtaining an LLB (Hons) in 1992. He entrolled in the Nigerian Law School, Lagos where  he obtained his BL and was called to the Bar as a Solicitor and Advocate of Supreme Court of Nigeria in December 1983.
Adamu entered poltics in 1977, and was elected to the Constituent Assembly, which drafted the constitution for Nigeria’s short-lived Second Republic (1979-1983). He was a pioneer member of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), the first Secretary-general of the NPN in Plateau State from December 1978, and chairman of the NPN in the Plateau from 1982 to 1983, when military rule began again. In 1994 he was appointed to the National Constitutional Conference by General Sani Abacha’s administration. In March 1995, Adamu was appointed a minister of state of the Works and Housing ministry, holding this position until November 1997. When the an on political activity was lifted in 1997, he joined the United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP). In 1998, Adamu became a founding member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
In December 2003, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu welcomed Elizabeth 11 of the United Kingdom on a visit to karu, where she was entertained by cultural troupes. Adbullahi Adamu promised to make Nasarawa famous with the states’ solid mineral natural resources and tourist attractions such as the Farin Ruwa Waterfalls and the flowing Eggon hills. He backed construction of the Farin Ruwa Hydro-Electric plan, vising South Korea in 2004 and later awarding the engineering contract to the South Korean firm Yooshing Engineering. In September 2005 he launched the School Feeding Programme in the State of Nasarawa, which aims to provide a fortified nutritional supplement to primary school children.