Rivers And The Blessings Of May 27


founding fathers and the divine challenge for man to conquer his environment would have become realisable.
The children of the world
The world can as well come to an end in the next few decades without children, the world would still be a dangerous place without a properly brought up children. This is why humanity owes a profound duty to the children of the world, wherever they are, no matter the circumstance of their birth.
As expected, children will gather and take a march past and listen to the political authorities. Some may even be lucky to have a party, and the next day the media would give statistics of how many children are out of school, how many were abused and exploited, how many died of preventable diseases among others.
This has become a vicious cycle and it is high time humanity truly committed to bringing this to an end. As the children celebrate, it should be the responsibility of every adult and government to reflect deeply on how to reshape the future through the children.
It is true that there are legislations to protect the child, but how it has changed the fate children go through cannot be told. The Nigerian Government also brought UPE and later UBE under which every child must go to school free and parents or guardians that stand in the way should be prosecuted. That also appears to be observed in the breach.
Because of internet and television, very few children enjoy their youth. They are stripped of their innocence before they are able to wear their own shoes. In some societies their play space has also shrunk, while their protection can hardly be assured both at home and outside the home. This should worry everyone.
We must commend the Rivers State Government for changing the face of the schools and making even some adults want to go back to school. For once, schools in Rivers state have attained world-class structures and facilities. Simply beautiful and functional. We only hope that the content will also measure up, while the usual attitude to public infrastructure will not affect the structures.
Interestingly, children from Rivers public schools have won major national academic competitions including debates. Also note worthy is the employment of 13,000 teacher at once to end the era of paucity of teachers, especially qualified ones. But there is still room for improvement and we expect the government to find it.
As we celebrate with the children today, the challenge is on parents and those in leadership. These children need exemplary characters to copy from. They want to talk like, work like, lead like and worship like the people around them. Everyone may need to ask himself if “I’m the example they should copy?”
The Birthday Governor
The Rivers State Governor, Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi was born today. As usual, he may not want to make a deal of it, but people will celebrate this great son of Rivers State because of what he had allowed God to use him to do for the people.
Governor Amaechi is not the regular politician that would not want to do too much. He is not just the Rivers State Governor, but Governor of Governors and a national icon. His kind of politics has changed the concept of business as usual in governance across the country. He challenged the status quo and started the refinement of politics in Nigeria.
As we join millions across the globe to congratulate our beloved governor and to wish him a most deserved happy birthday, we must state that he is a unique gift to Rivers State and the leader that fits this season. But he is also the architect of the future as evidenced by the Greater Port Harcourt City project, the monorail  project and the institutional framework that are in place to ensure transparency and quality.
Being a projects governor, we hope that he would find time to un-wind, felicitate with friends and family today. He should also use the day to reflect, thank his God, appreciate his family and re-commit to the service of man and country.
Governor Amaechi must continue to manage well his achievements and the ovation. He must enjoy every moment of it by giving more people the need to thank God. He must not forget that his service is to God who has kept him this far.