Women Condemn Injustice In Rivers State


As mothers and home
builders, what becomes our duties and responsibilities in moments of chaos within our environment? What do onlookers expect of us when our children find themselves in opposing camps and become enemies of one another?
At what point in life is motherly tendencies expected to be explored, when the goings are all well or when the goings are rough?
In certain junctions  of life, most people get confused and lose their sense of direction, yet to many, it is in moments of trials that the best in them is extracted.
The storm no doubt is raging. Who knows whose building may be deroofed?
The need for a timely and worthy intervention by the women and mothers of Rivers State into the turbulent political situation in the state has become imperative and that, no doubt, may have informed a meeting of female politicians and other stakeholders with the Hon. Commissioner for Women Affairs in Port Harcourt recently.
It was indeed a full house as greater percentage of people who were supposed to grace the meeting attended.
In what looked like a oneness of purpose, the attendees expressed regrets and heaviness of hearts to the political situation in the state.
Like the Late nobel hero, Professor Chinua Achebe, a knife seemed to have been put on what hitherto bound us together, the falcon nolonger hears the falconer. Is anarchy let loose in Rivers State?
Your guess could be as mine but one thing remains paramount, as long as life remains, all hope is not gone. There is a high hope that if women who are worth their salt in the state could rise up to their responsibilities and refuse to play Psychophancy, putting the collective interest of the state at heart, and eschewing selfishness, a turn-around is possible and eminent as well.
In the light of this, the Commissioner for Women Affairs in Rivers State, Hon Mrs Joeba West, has called on the women of Rivers State, to take advantage of their numerical strength to move the state forward rather than watch it crumble as if they are less-concerned.
In a meeting with female politicians, politicians’ wives and other female stakeholders in politic,  in the state, convened in the Ministry of Women Affairs Port Harcourt last week, the commissioner pointed out that eras when women stood aloof and watch events unfold were gone, she stated that in the present, women now make things happen.
In her new slogan which presents the Rivers’ woman as a great mind who can make it and is already moving forward, Hon Joeba West calls on the women in the state to rise up to the realities of the time and take a more proactive measures toward instilling discipline, sanity and good governance in Rivers State.
Speaking on the need to sanitise the political atmosphere in the state, Mrs West insists that the women’s participation and involvement have become highly indispensable both in the underground business of being good advisers to their husbands, sons and brothers in politics and in boldly taking a stand as well as speaking out their minds on issues that have constituted serious menace and set-back to good governance.
The gathering according to her, was a forum to rub minds and brainstorm on the way forward for the state given the over heated political atmosphere.
Explaining the reason behind the state’s exodus from PDP to APC, the honourable commissioner implored women to refuse to allow the “evil seed” sown in the state to germinate.
Condemning injustice, the commissioner referred to the unfortunate incidence in College of Arts and Sciences in Port Harcourt penultimate Sunday where a serving Senator, Senator Magnus Abbe representing Rivers, South-East was allegedly shot in the chest by the police.
In her words, “if you hate one man, and that man is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, will you because of this one man, hold the entire Rivers State to ransome?”
“We are progressives and progressive people will come together and make things happen”, she added.
She called on women to come out in their numbers and join the malefolk in moving from LGA to LGA under the auspices of Save Rivers Movement (SRM) to sensitise citizens on the importance of good governance.
She maintained that it is only when the women in the state support Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi that meaningful development can be achieved, and only on that premise would the desired change be materialized.
Still speaking on the need for women to arise, get involved and support the State government for good governance, Hon. Victoria Nyeche (Chairman House Committee on Environment) representing PHLGA Constituency II said so much is happening in the state that women can not afford to be left out. Stating that times have changed she said the place of the woman in politics is no longer only in airport as praise singers.
Hon. Nyeche said what is happening in the state is injustice and not politics hence it behoves on every woman to rise up and condemn it in its entirety.
Whether we like it or not, the honourable member believes that it is our business at the end of the day. The development of the state is suffering, it is all about good governance and the future of our children.
As mothers, it is important we choose which role to play but of more importance is the need to encourage ourselves. Women are naturally a great folk, with all the potentials to make a difference and with a determined spirit women will definitely move forward.


A cross section of female stakeholders during a political meeting in Port Harcourt,  recently
A cross section of female stakeholders during a political meeting in Port Harcourt, recently

Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi