‘2012 Flood Not Due To Climate Change’


A Chartered Environmen
talist, Mr. Osai Mustapher has said that the flood which ravaged parts of the country in 2012 was not related to climate change.
Mustapher who made this known in an exclusive interview with our correspondent yesterday in Port Harcourt said it was a human error in the management of dams.
He explained that if it was related to climate change, Port Harcourt could have been over taken by the flood even as he said what happened was the over flow of the river Niger due  to the problem associated with a dam in Cameroon.
“People were talking of climate change then but I knew it was not climate change but it was due to lack of government co-operation with the Cameroon government”, he said.
He said he was aware the Cameronians gave Nigeria advance notice on the release of water but wondered why the government did not take pro-active measures.
“I am aware that the Cameroon government gave Nigeria notice in reasonable time to prepare”, he said.
On the much predicted flooding of 2013 which did not come, Mustapher who is also the Managing Director of The Initiates Ltd said predictions were estimations which could either “succeed or fail”.
“If you predict, it can come to pass and you can also predict and it cannot come to pass”, he said.
He said even though the flood of 2013 did not come it should not be assumed that “it has not come and gone but it will come”.
According to him, since the climate was changing what was happening in the world today indicates great changes in weather conditions.
“You can see up till now what is happening, if you notice, we are not experiencing hammattan.
“Throughout November and December we did not experience hammattan and the weather is still hot unlike previous years”, he said.
He further explained that the changes were natural even as he said human predictions could not be exact because they can fail man as it was in God’s hand.
He opined that the only option left was proper preparations for occurrences that have no good scientific explanations.
The environmentalist said the Rivers State government was much ahead in preparations to counter the effect of flooding in the state.
“For example, Rivers State is already preparing in terms of drainages they have put in place.
“The channels they are doing, the awareness campaign in the radio, TV and Newspaper about proper disposal of refuse among others”, he said.
He also commended the efforts of some NGOs and the government’s effort in taking extra measures in discouraging people from building along the waterways even as he said these were preparations toward a better environmental management.