Saying No To Teen Girl Marriage


The issue of young girls
being forced into early marriage is very daring and unbearable. Our young girls in the rural area suffer this most. The young girls in the rural areas are suffering from early marriage because they cannot bear with it, they are too young, they know nothing about marriage not to talk of child bearing. This issue of early marriage is channeled  to poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness. The parents of the young girls in the rural areas are forced to marry their children off to chiefs and rich men because they cannot afford to get a comfortable place to sleep not to talk about training their girls in school. Most of these parents in the rural areas are illiterates and don’t even know the implication of giving out their young daughters in marriage at a tender age. A recent research was conducted in one of the rural villages in Rivers State and it was found out that 89% of their young girls are married and have children they can’t even take care of. The researcher went on to say that they all had the same reason for getting pregnant and married at that tender age; which is because they cannot feed themselves properly or even see themselves through education because their poor parents cannot afford and so the best option is to get married and reduce the burden on their poor parents as they put it.
The way to solve this  problem is for the government to create public awareness against early marriage to young girls and parents in the rural area. They need to let them know that teen marriage is not advisable because it endangers the life of the young girl. The government also needs to provide basic amenities for these people in the rural areas so as to enable them live well. Education is something every young person wants to acquire. The government should help provide the necessary things these young ones need to go to school like books, school uniforms, shoes etc on a yearly basis so as to help these young ones in the rural areas. The following statements. “If she can’t vote then she can’t get married.” “Classroom not bedroom,” Education not ejaculation.” etc should be guide.
Peace is an intern with The Tide.


Esukpa Uyodhu Peace