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Groups Want Govt To Focus On Rural Dev



Some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have called on governments at all levels to concentrate on rural development to achieve the target of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA).

The groups made the call in separate interviews with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday.

CSOs refer to institutions and organisations that interface between the state and business world and the family on behalf of the people.

They include NGOs, Private Voluntary Organisations (PVO’s), Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), gender groups, professional associations and policy institutions, among others.

Most CSOs are concerned with the monitoring of public spending and ensuring that government addressed the pressing needs of the populace.

Senior Programme Officer, Centre for Community Empowerment and Poverty Eradication, Mr Adulrahman Ayuba said that the rural communities deserved the attention of the government since they produced the bulk of the food in the country.

Ayuba also said that government at all levels must learn to associate themselves with farmers in the hinterland and not just with their umbrella bodies.

He explained that that was the only way to identify the exact needs of the people instead of presumptions and misinformation.

Ayuba said that the concentration of access roads should be a major area of concentration in terms of development in the rural communities.

“Access to roads is very important. These farmers spend a lot of time producing but taking the produce to the market has always been a challenge.

“Most often, these things perish because the farmers do not have the means of transporting them to the market.”

He added that access to micro credit facilities determined agricultural growth, which would also help in sustaining development in the sector.

Ayuba further said that his group had been able to build the capacity of women farmers especially, in the country side, sensitising them on the Federal Government’s development programmes under the ATA.

He said that with much enlightenment, some farmers were able to form cooperative groups which constitute platforms to speak with one voice and make their demands at both the state and local government levels.

An advocate, Mrs. Charity Bello of the Country Women Association of Nigeria (COWAN), also stressed the for the Federal Government to capture the needs of rural farmers in budget allocations than just making assumptions.

Bello said that including these needs would help reduce hardship on the farmers.

“In fact, we will love it if the government can assess our needs and capture it the way it is, in the budget because, sometimes when you assume, you look at someone and think that what he or she needs is food.

“In actual sense, you find out that it is not food he or she needs, maybe it’s a shoe.

“But when you find out from us what our needs are and you put it in the budget, it tells us that the budget is open and that we are part of its process.”

Bello also said that the issue of access to water could not be overemphasised as the lack of the essential commodity affected the business of women.

She stressed that provision of water and sanitation facilities would enhance the work conditions of farmers.

“In these communities, you find women trekking for two or three hours to get a bucket of water.

“If the Federal and state governments can come to the aid of women in the provision of water, it will help them to participate more in their business.”

She also attributed the lack of water in some of these communities to the cause of the ill health of the people and the reason why some of them were unable to pay back loans to banks.

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Traders Protest FG’s Move To Restore Festac Town



The move by the Federal Government to restore Festac Town in Lagos to its original status has sparked up protest among traders occupying Agboju Amuwo Planks and Building Materials Market.
The traders on Wednesday, protested at the FHA office in Festac Town against the demolition of their market, following the demolition of illegal structures by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) ahead of the restoration. 
The Tide recalls that there was a petition to the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola, in 2020 about illegal structures that had taken over Festac Town.
Speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting on the restoration of Festac town organised by FHA, last year, its South-West Zonal Manager, Mr Akintola Olagbemiro, said, “This year, we commenced the restoration of Festac town, following the consent judgement from the court against illegal occupants of Festac land.
“Our action is to save the residents from the insecurity that has taken over the entire Festac town as a result of illegal structures everywhere”.
The chairman of allottees of First Gate to Third Gate, Mr Kole Olatunji, in his remarks at the meeting said the land from First Gate to Third Gate was allocated between 1985 and 1999, noting that with the consent judgment, original owners of the land as allocated should take over their plots.
But the chairman of plank market, Muhammed Bello, protested the seven-day notice given to traders to vacate the place without alternative arrangements.  
Bello said: “How do they expect us to remove our wares in seven days?
“What we want is that they should allow us to remain there and we will pay whatever amount they ask us to pay”.
Speaking in the same vein, the chairman of Cane Chair and Furniture Association, Emmanuel Okoye said: “We need freedom. Let them tell us where they want us to stay. That place was swampy. We filled the place with several millions of Naira which we got as loans.
“We also rely on loans to do our business. Whatever the government wants us to pay; we are ready to pay to remain there. We have been there for 27 years. What we lost to the demolition is over N300 million”.

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Fuel Tanker Explosion Kills Five, Injures Two In Ogun



No fewer than five persons were on Wednesday burnt to death, while two others sustained first degree of injury in a fuel tanker explosion at Ajilete, along Owode-Idiroko road, in Yewa South local government area of Ogun State.
Eyewitness accounts revealed that a truck bearing 33,000 litres of petroleum product was descending the steep portion of the road when its tank suddenly detached from truck’s body and tumbled to the ground with a bang.
The explosion, the witnesses said, killed five persons on the spot, while two other persons were injured.
The Tide learnt that the seven victims were all residents of the area where the accident occurred.
Confirming the incident, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Commander, Idiroko Unit, Akinwunmi Olaluwoye, said five deaths were recorded in the accident which occurred at about 8.15 am on Wednesday. 
According to him, the remains of the dead had been claimed by their families.
He disclosed that a bus and a motorcycle were also caught in a web of the explosion and razed.
He said, “no vehicle rammed into the tanker. The tank dropped off from the back of the tanker and exploded. The number of persons involved are seven; five dead, two injured.
“The driver had taken away the head of the truck as at the time we got there. But we have allowed the police to take charge and handle that aspect”.

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Travellers To Access $4,000  As CBN Boosts Forex Supplies



Nigerians travelling abroad can now access a maximum amount of $4,000 foreign exchange from banks following the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) announcement to increase forex supplies.
The CBN had said in a recent statement that it had concluded plans to increase the amount of foreign exchange allocated to banks to meet legitimate needs.
This followed the warning by the CBN Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, to Deposit Money Banks to desist from denying customers the opportunity to purchase foreign exchange.
The purposes to access forex included Personal Travel Allowance, Basic Travel Allowance, tuition fees, and medical payments as well as Small and Medium Enterprises transactions or for the repatriation of Foreign Direct Investment proceeds, the CBN had stated.
Sources from some of the banks said those travelling on business trips could also access a maximum amount of $5,000 for each trip.
At a virtual Bankers’ Committee meeting last week, the bankers discussed how the CBN intended to assist with forex to ensure availability for the upcoming summer period and the return of students to school in September.
The CBN also said the BDCs would continue to have their weekly allocations.
The committee observed that the rates were going up.
It stated, “The CBN has said that all the banks must make availability at all times and anyone who wants to buy BTA, PTA, medical fees, student school fees and all the eligible invisible purchases to ensure that Nigerians are not forced to go and queue in the parallel market.
“So what the Central Bank is doing is to encourage all banks to make sure that there is available forex at all times, and that his information should be communicated on all our platforms.
“We are asking our customers to come to the branches and for BTA, for example, present the required documents, which are basically your international passport, your visa, your valid ticket and fill up the form in the bank.
“And what we have been instructed to do is ensure that we don’t turn anybody back and that we should request from the Central Bank once we exhaust the forex that we have.
“The idea is to have a hitch-free summer period and the resumption for children to go back to school. The idea is to ensure there is less pressure on the forex and then the rates will come down”.
Speaking during the virtual meeting, the Group Managing Director, Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe, said, “I think again as part of the Central Bank’s role in terms of price stability and the need to support small and medium enterprises, there was highlight of the need for banks to go and support SMEs who import small raw materials for them to set up their businesses”.
The Managing Director, Ecobank, Patrick Akinwuntan, said, “All banks are available to ensure forex need is met.”
Managing Director, Sterling Bank, Abubakar Suleiman, said the CBN had provided sufficient foreign exchange to meet the needs of all legitimate Nigerian travellers and therefore, the idea of going to any other market should not arise at all.

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