Fun Seekers Decry Neglect Of Jabi Lake Resort


Fun seekers in Abuja last Thursday decried the continued neglect of Jabi Lake Resort, a popular recreational facility in the Abuja capital city.

Our correspondent reports that apart from the perimeter fencing, there is no other meaningful development in terms of infrastructure.

Many of the visitors at the park who spoke to our correspondent, expressed sadness over the neglect of the facility.

They said the park could serve as a major tourist centre if its potential was well harnessed.

According to Mr Innocent Mochan, an entertainer, the resort is a veritable site for entertainers, if it was developed and well managed.

‘’If Jabi Lake is profitably managed even we, as entertainers, can come here, pay for space, entertain people and get paid for it; in fact, we can make a good living from this place.

‘’Instead of going to enclosed places like `The Dome’ that lacks natural ambience, one can organise shows here but because of the lack of security and other essential facilities we cannot maximise this beautiful environment.

‘’We complain of unemployment but this place, if put into proper use can provide employment for at least a thousand youths; the government should do everything possible to utilise what is available to it,’’ Mochan said.