Senator Urges Special Intervention Fund For Conflict Victims


Sen. Gyang Pwajok (PDP-Plateau) has called for the establishment of a Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Stability Fund to help rehabilitate victims of conflicts across the country.

Sen. Pwajok made the call in Abuja while speaking to National Assembly correspondents.

He underscored the need for the special intervention fund, saying that it would provide succour for victims of prolonged conflicts in different communities.

He also suggested that the substantial funds being spent on security agencies should be channelled into the special fund, which could be nurtured into a veritable means of addressing the conflicts in the country.

“Whether Muslims, Christians, indigenes or non-indigenes, many citizens lost their lives and property during the crises.

“There is the need for some degree of intervention to aid the people to get back on their feet.

“Otherwise, we will be spending more on maintaining security forces and using forceful methods to bring about peace, rather than spending on other ways of promoting peace.

“Our security expenditure is getting very high. It is not commensurate with what would have happened if we had spent the money on reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation,’’ he said.

Sen. Pwajok also spoke on the need for the Federal Government to review the current measures being used to address the increasing conflicts in various parts of the country.

He also noted that the extended involvement of the military in internal security operations had resulted in complications, thereby hampering the protection of the people’s lives and property.

Besides, the senator noted that the current arrangements had made it difficult for the police to effectively perform its internal security responsibilities.

“Now, you are beginning to see that the security agencies are becoming vulnerable to attacks because they have moved out completely.

“They are now more on the streets and are being attacked from the flanks.

“That, in itself, is something that should make us to look at these issues very closely so that we don’t allow this to continue.

“We must deploy a method that would facilitate a situation where the police can have the capacity and logistics to investigate and bring culprits to book,’’ he said.

Sen. Pwajok called for greater collaboration among the various security agencies so as to guarantee the protection of lives and property.

He, nonetheless, urged the security agencies to uncover and apprehend the masterminds of the activities of “the agents of death’’ who were fomenting trouble.