Poet Prescribes Antidotes To Exam Malpractices


Some antidotes to examination malpractices which have for decades hampered the nation’s development have been prescribed.

 A poet and indigene of Rivers State, Mr. Aziri Nyesom Atusiogu-Nkakini, gave the antidotes in a booklet entitled, “Eradication of Leakages of Question Papers, Favouritism and Victimisation of Canditates in Examination”.

According to him, setting questions in multiple of 200 and selecting one by ballot is another antidote to exam malpractice.

He said all educational authorities and stakeholders especially the federal and state governments hold the hope of actually putting to an end to examination malpractice.

In a chat with The Tide, the author, Mr. Atusiogu-Nkakini said, in view of Nigeria’s determined zeal  to be numbered among the first twenty top economies of the world in no distant time, he had written the book, as a blue print which he believes if adopted could totally eradicate leakages of question papers of public examinations in Nigeria as well as reduce the incidence of favouritism and victimisation which oftenly rear their ugly heads and frustrate educational advancement.