Blow By Blow Minute Details Of The Home Run


Virginia: Slipping Away

Historically, a solid Republican State until 2000 when it turn into a swing State. Until Super Storm Sander, last week Romney was in firmly grip but by yesterday Obama leads by 48 per cent of like votes as against Romney’s 45 per cent.


Ohio: Cog In Romney’s Wheel

No Republican Presidential candidate has over made it to the White House without winning Ohio. Now, polls show that it is unlikely Romney can rest that city of the auto bail-out fame from incumbent Obama, who still leads by one per centage point according to Reuters/Ipsos poll, although others predict a wider margin.


North Carolina: Learning Romney’s Way

From all indication, North Carolina repeatedly list as one of eight or States that will determine outcome of tommorrow’s vote, is going Romney’s way. It remains same way 48 o Obama’s 45, Romney might well count it as his safe net.


Colorada-Still Dicy

Last week Wednesday, Colorada was leaning Democratic 55 per cent against 45 per cent and it leaned Republican. By Friday both Romney and Obama were evenly tied at