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Jonathan, God’s Gift To Nigeria –Dariye



Former Governor of Plateau State, Senator Joshua Dariye, has called on parents irrespective of their religion to take their responsibility of inculcating in the children the fear of God seriously to tackle the current rise in crime and terrorism in the.

Dariye, currently representing Jos Central in the Senate also appealed to Nigerians to give President Goodluck Jonathan the support he needed to enable the country and citizens get all the dividends of democracy that the administration could offer as well as all the developmental opportunities which could only thrive in an atmosphere of peace and order.

The Senator pointed out that it would be dangerous for politicians who think they are always better to keep heating the polity, and blowing up the entire system as he warned that at the end of the “warfare,” even if the so-called better wins , he would come back to realise that there would be no system left to run.

Speaking to The Tide in an exclusive interview on the prospects of Nigerian children as they celebrate this year’s Children’s Day and on President Goodluck Jonathan’s one year in office, he pointed out that the Nigerian child had suffered unfairly in the hands of those who are supposed to lead them aright but regretted that they had rather taken undue advantage of their ignorance and poverty to use them negatively for selfish interests.

He noted that instead of being taught how to be patriotic and useful to the nation, they were being used by politicians to foment trouble, thereby, exposing them to fatalities, while shielded or even taken away from the entire scene for safe keeps.

He therefore enjoined Nigerian children and youths to shun violence and warfare inflamed by persons whose children could never be on the street to fight.

His word: “I congratulate Nigerian children who are the leaders of tomorrow. And we want to appeal to parents especially those who produce left right and centre. The major role of every parent is to ensure that the children are brought up in the fear of God so that they do not become a problem to the society. The Boko Haram syndrome generated from parents, loose control.

“I believe that politicians are the ones using the people and their children will not die but the children of the poor people are the ones to die. I did say when I was Governor, all these big people that are encouraging you to fight, where are their children? So, it is food for thought for all of us”.

Dariye in his assessment of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s government, described the President as “God’s gift to the nation.” Stressing  that God had a purpose for putting him there, and enjoined Nigerians to give him all the support he needs.

“ I thank God for his life . Leadership is from God. Once a President is elected, you keep politics aside. What I am saying is that he is trying to do his best. There are a lot of distractions due to the security challenges,. All I appeal with Nigerians is let us cooperate with God’s gift and achieve our vision”.

“Like he said, he may not be the best but God has a reason to put him there” so, let us cooperate with God’s gift to actualise our dreams and visions a as nation .”

The former governor rated Nigeria’s democracy high, advocated constructive engagements as a veritable tool for growth of democracy, and enjoined the winners in democracies to reach out to the losers.

“We pray for long life and for Muslims and Christians to bury their differences. What is killing us is not Mohammed appearing on the scene or Jesus Christ to say fight. It is our misplaced priority,” he said.

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DPR Plans Maximum Economic Recovery Strategy For Oil, Gas Industry



The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) says it is formulating a Maximum Economic Recovery (MER) strategy for Nigeria to attain maximum value delivery from its oil and gas resources.

The Director, DPR, Mr Sarki Auwalu, made the announcement during a keynote address at the 2021 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE), yesterday, in Lagos.

The conference has as its theme, “The Future of Energy –A Trilogy of Determinants: Climate Change, Public Health, and the Global Oil Market.”

Auwalu said the industry initiative was one of the outcomes of the work of the National Oil and Gas Excellence Centre (NOGEC), Lagos inaugurated in January by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said, “Following an in-depth assessment of the status of the industry, the department identified the need to formulate the ‘Maximum Economic Recovery Strategy for Nigeria’.

“This is to guarantee the actualisation of sustainable resource optimisation and the economic benefits arising therefrom.

“The framework for this industry action plan outlines six pillars or building blocks.”

Auwalu said the pillars were: Reserves Maturation and Production Optimisation, Exploration and Resources Maturation, Improved Oil Recovery and Enhanced Oil Recovery, Implementation Asset Stewardship, Performance Evaluation and Rewards Risk Management.

According to him, the draft framework has been shared with the industry, including professional associations like the SPE and the National Association of Petroleum Explorationists.

He said this was in preparation for an industry collaborative workshop to co-develop and enunciate this strategy for immediate execution.

“We count on the contributions and buy-in of all stakeholders on this crucial national assignment for our overall benefit and industry sustainability,“he said.

Auwalu said Nigeria was rising to the occasion as the ‘trigger’ for continental growth and economic transformation using its oil and gas resources to drive value for national development.

He said the DPR would continue to foster innovative ideas and create opportunities for investments and sustainability in the industry.

Auwalu said, “As always, we are enthusiastic to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including the SPE, toward the realisation of government’s aspirations for the oil and gas sector.

“In our role as business enablers and opportunity providers, DPR will continue to promote efficiency to meet the needs of the industry, creating value, enhancing transparency, reducing barriers and transaction costs.”

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Pensioners Urge PenCom To Implement Unpaid 15% Increment



Pensioners under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) have appealed to the National Pension Commission (PenCom) to implement their 15 and 33 per cent pension increment and other benefits.

The Contributory Pensioners Union of Nigeria (CPUN), South-West Zone, made the appeal,yesterday, during a peaceful protest held in Ibadan.

The CPUN President, Mr Joseph Idowu, while addressing newsmen said that PenCom has yet to implement the increment since 2007 and 2010 in spite of various promises.

Idowu said that their counterparts, under the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS), had been enjoying the increment through the proactive stand of Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD).

“The new consequential adjustment in pension due to the latest increase in workers’ salaries and wages are also being enjoyed by pensioners under DBS, neglecting the CPS pensioners.

“No CPS pensioner has received any interest on their accrued benefits since 2007 till date.

“We require your urgent attention to ensure that arrears on this are calculated and paid at the Federal Government official rate, as at the time of retirement,” Idowu said.

The president said that his members were suffering as some of them collect as low as N3, 000 as their monthly pension which was not accepted.

Idowu also said that his members were not happy with the delay in the payment of their retirement benefits, which the commission now paid after one year of retirement, contrary to PRA Act 2004 (Amended).

He said that Section 16 (5) of PRA Act 2004 says pensioners should be paid not more than three months after retirement.

Idowu, however, commended the commission for prompt payment of their monthly pension, urging them to prioritise welfare of pensioners under the CPS.

Also, a member of the union, Mrs Clara Fumilayo, called on the Federal Government to assist the pensioners,

Fumilayo said that their monthly pension could no more buy any tangible things based on the situation in the country.

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‘Only 29% Of Babies Breastfed Due To Reliance On Breast Milk Substitute’



A professor of Paediatric and Child Health, Alice Romoke-Nte, says the aggressive marketing of breast milk substitute by manufacturers was responsible for the gap in breastfeeding of children by mothers in Nigeria.

Nte, who is also the coordinator, Baby Friendly Initiative at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) said the advertising of these baby food weakens the confidence of the mothers and makes them feel that these breast milk substitutes are better off.

She said this has left only 29 percent of Nigerian babies breastfed as a result.

Nte said the UPTH, Rotary Clubs in Port Harcourt and other stakeholders were using this year’s World Breastfeeding Week to carry out aggressive campaigns to raise awareness for the need of exclusive breastfeeding.

She said the international code of marketing of breast milk substitutes would be included in steps to ensure full compliance of marketing these artificial body foods.

Rotary Clubs in Port Harcourt that joined in the rally yesterday morning for exclusive breastfeeding to mark the World Breastfeeding Week includes, Rotary Club of Port Harcourt Garden City, Top Health, Seaport, Eco, Atlantic City, and Golf Estate.

Others include, Rotary Club of Port Harcourt Gateway, City Valley, Passport, Creek View, Sky Waves, and Rotary Club of Port Harcourt.

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