Group Wants Entrepreneurship Programme In Schools


A group, Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE), has advised the three tiers of governments to introduce entrepreneurship development programme in secondary schools to reduce over-dependence on white-collar jobs.

The President of SAGE, Mr Agwu Amogu, who gave the advice in Abuja in an interview said that entreprenuership skills would help students to be creative, focussed and self-employed.

Amogu said that SAGE had positioned itself to assist in ensuring that students in the country received good entrepreneurship skills to prepare them for the future.

He said that the group was currently operating in all continents with a mission to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to address unemployment in the world.

“What we are trying to do now is to stop young people going into the market stranded, every year we see three million people going into the labour market in the country and less than 10 per cent of them get jobs.

“Government can never solve unemployment problem in Nigeria but if students are engaged in entrepreneurship skills now that they are young, it will reduce unemployment and transform the nation in less than five years.’’ 

Amogu said that the Junior Secondary School, Jikwoyi, Abuja had won the World Entrepreneurship competition for four consecutive times since 2007 when the school won trophies in Ukraine, 2007, Nigeria, 2008, Brazil, 2009 and New York, 2011.

The SAGE president said that the school had brought fame to Nigeria several times through the SAGE programme but that Nigerians leaders had failed to replicate the success by introducing entrepreneurship development programme in secondary schools.

“If schools in all communities in Nigeria engaged in entrepreneurship skills, that means we will have globally-exposed children.