Mixed Reactions Trail Abonnema Wharf Take Over


As the Rivers State Government is set to pay compensation to land lords in Abonnema Wharf area of Port Harcourt as part of its urban renewal programmes, landlords in the area have expressed mixed feelings over the take over of the area by government.

While some agreed that the takeover of the area by government and compensation paid to landlord is timely and a welcome development due to security and other social challenges in the area, some said the programme will deprive them of their homes which they have cherished over the years.

Reacting to this development, one of the landlords in the area who gave his name as Micheal Jackrich, said that the social and security challenges in Abonnema Wharf are so worrisome.

He pointed out that many landlords in the area are tired of the security situation in Abonnema Wharf.

He said that many landlords were not actually reaping from investments they have made in housing, as criminal activities have scared many tenants from the area, thereby making the landlords to lose income and stressed that the joy of every landlord is to make money from tenancy.

Micheal said “As for me, the step being taken by government is the best option, and it is timely. Let them pay the compensation, and I will  use the money for more meaningful venture elsewhere, so that I can have rest of mind.”

Also speaking on the development, another property owner in the area who is popularly known as “Honourable” said that the social and environmental condition of Abonnema Wharf have made it possible for criminal activities to flourish.

Honourable described the area as a difficult place to identify peoples apartments as every where is hooked up to another, which has made it difficult to have smooth ride on a vehicle. He said that the police finds it difficult to drive in to make arrest in the area.

He posited that the action of the state government is the most welcome one, as that will go a long way to address the social and security problems of the area.

Meanwhile, the view of Mrs Clara Wenike does not agree with other landlords in the area, as she had posited that government was forcefully taking over their properties.

She said rather than taking over the area, a better alternative would have been to replan the area, while various landlords retain their lands.

The Rivers State Government through the Commissioner of Urban Development, Dr. Tammy Danagogo, has said that government will take the due process towards achieving the goal of urban renewal.


Corlins Walter