18th NSF: Anambra To Participate In Swimming, Gymnastics


The Anambra Director of Sports (Operations), Mr Chidiogo Mbanefo, says swimming and gymnastics have been added to the list of events the state will participate in at the 18th National Sports Festival.

He told newsmen in Onitsha that the inclusion of the two events increased the number of events in which the state would participate in from 15 to 17.

Mbanefo said that the state’s athletes had been attending national and zonal meets with state sponsorship or through their professional bodies in preparation for the sports festival to be hosted by Lagos State from November 27 to December 9.

He said: “Our main preparation will start in earnest in June or July; we will have the first stage of camping then the second stage before the competition. That is how we intend to do it.

“The last time, we participated in 15 events, but now we are adding two more – that is swimming and gymnastics.

“We are participating in all the combat sports; then weightlifting and football. “

The director said the state government had provided funds for the state contingent’s preparations, adding: “We have been directed to surpass our previous records and the ministry is working on the governor’s directive. “

Apart from swimming and gymnastics, the state will take part in football, chess, karate, kung fu and weightlifting, traditional wrestling, wrestling, kickboxing, tennis, volleyball, and Ayo.

The other events are athletics, taekwondo, boxing and judo.