Falconets Plot To Reaffirm Supremacy Over Zimbabwe


A former Media Officer of the Super Falcons, Precious Akujobi,  has dismissed the chances of the Zimbabwean U-20 Women’s team to reverse its 3-0 deficit against the Falconets.

Akujobi told newsmen on Monday in Lagos that it would be an uphill task for the Zimbabweans to replicate what the Falconets did to them at Abeokuta.

“I don’t see the Zimbabweans beating us 4-0 at Harare, it’s unthinkable because our girls are well prepared, ’’ Akujobi said.

She added that the Falconets now have a better understanding of how the Zimbabweans play their game— after the first leg encounter last weekend.

“We know their weaknesses and we would work on that and counter their area of strength.

Akujobi said there was no way that the Zimbabweans would set about their task without conceding some more goals themselves.

“It would be an uphill task for the Zimbabweans to replicate the same feat in Harare, “because I know the girls are going to score when they get to Harare”.

She said she was pleased with the level of performance the Falconets came up with in Abeokuta, which she attributed to improved logistic support from the Federation.

“They had no other option than to perform the way they did in Abeokuta; to reciprocate the logistical support given to them by the government.