Stakeholder Advises Govt On Palliatives


A stakeholders on transportation and Chief Executive of Chudon Transport Services Ltd, Port Harcourt, Mr. Donald Chukwunenye has described the Federal Government’s palliative measure of provision of vehicles to cushion the effect on the masses, following the removal of oil subsidy as a welcome development, but advised  that the vehicles should be given to people  with managerial ability on transportation.

Mr Chukwunenye, who barred his mind in a chat with The Tide correspondent in Port Harcourt on Sunday said there are transporters who could manage the buses very well to meet up the  Federal Government’s good intentions and suggested that government should call for a stakeholders meeting to work out the modalities to make the palliative more effective.

He said the buses should be entrusted to committed and dedicated people with experience in transportation, adding that it should not be politicised inorder not to jettision the purpose.

According to him, government should  know that the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) have their own functions as unionist and are not transporters, pointing out that for the masses to  appreciate the gesture, the government should allow people with transportation services to be handed over the business for proper accountability and maintenance.

The transporter however commended  the Federal Government palliative measure and called for sensitisation of the people on the oil subsidy removal as many are ignorant of the action, stressing that, that is why the masses are protesting on the streets.

“I  am in total support of the Federal Government oil subsidy removal and deregulation,” he hinted.