Scientist Invents Wind Turbine


An Enugu-based scientist, Mr. Sebastine Omeh has produced a wind turbine that generates 24 Kilowatts of electricity.

Omeh said in a statement in Enugu that the turbine had been successfully tested by the Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Energy Commission of Nigeria.

He described the device as a horizonatal axis, adding that it generated electricity once exited with copious wind.

Omeh said the research team was motivated to explore the potential by the country’s epileptic power supply and the increasing need for new alternative sources of energy.

He said  the team was currently working on a bigger model that would generate 500kw of electricity from wind energy on completion.

Omeh noted that the major advantage of the device was that its raw material was the wind, which was free and it offered clean energy with no effect on the environment.