IPMAN Explains Increase In Kerosene Price


The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), has attributed the high cost of kerosene to the proposed removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government.

Speaking in a telephone interview with our correspondent, the South-East chairman of the association, Mr Chukwudi Ezinwa said the price increase was as a result of the planned removal of fuel subsidy.

Ezinwu said: “We have been on hardship of kerosene for quite a number of months now but what made it to worsen now is because we want to remove subsidy.”

According to him, “people who have their own try to hoard it for them to make more money when the subsidy must have been removed.”

Nigerians interviewed lamented the high cost and called on the Federal Government to come to their aid by reducing the price of kerosene to lessen the burden on the ordinary people.

Mrs Philomina Nnamani, a food vendor said that her business no longer flourishes as it used to be when the price of kerosene was lower, pointing out that the business was more challenging now that she has resorted to the use of coal  as an alternative to kerosene.

Mrs Nnamani noted that before the price hike, she used N1,000 worth of kerosene to power her stoves, saying that she now requires more than N1,500 worth of kerosene to be able to prepare the same volume of food daily.

“We find it so difficult because as we are cooking  now, every day we buy kerosene for N1,000 and also I am using charcoal. We are selling a plate of food for N150 here because students are living at this side and they are still crying at the rate of N150.

If you sell a plate N200, some will run. So we do not know what to do, it is affecting us, she stressed.

A house wife, Mrs Martin Mbah urged the Federal Government to reduce the cost of kerosene to enable those without jobs to afford it.

I have to tell the government to know wetin dey  go do about it because in Nigeria everything is costly, so let them remove the kerosene price to come down because of us that do nothing”, Mbah lamented.

An attendant at Aviation Oil at Coal Camp, Enugu, Mr Peter Ibeh told our correspondent that a litre of the kerosene as at last week in the station was N90 but now costs N130.

Another food vendor in Port Harcourt said the hike in kerosene price has added more hardship to people as a litre now cost N130 as against N90 it was before now.

Shedie Okpara