New NAMA Boss Sues For Workers’ Support


The newly appointed Managing Director of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), Mr Nnamdi Udoh has urged the staff of the agency to collaborate with the new management.

He said that such support was imperative to ensure a continuation of programmes initiated by the past management team.

Udoh on Tuesday replaced Alhaji Ibrahim Auyo as NAMA’s Chief Executive Officer.

In an interactive session with journalists at NAMA’s headquarters in Ikeja, Udoh noted that the policy thrust of the former management of the agency was to ensure the safety of the nation’s airspace.

He pledged that his administration would introduce new technologies which would make the country’s airspace safer for domestic and international flights.

“We are affirming that as insiders knowledgeable about the challenges facing the agency; we will readily tackle them headlong

“Our staff should ward off the initial shock brought about by the change of baton and focus on the tasks ahead. Change is a regular thing in any organisation.

“People are bound to react, either positively or negatively, whenever there is a change in any organisation,’’ he said.

Udoh pledged that his management team would strive to work with everybody in peace and harmony.

“So we will stretch our hands to work with everybody and if there are some who do not want to go along, we will woo them. We will use every possible means to carry everybody along,’’ he said.Udoh said that the new management team would strive to understand the make-up of the workers, as part of efforts to reposition them for quality service delivery.

“You can’t change people except you renew their minds and that is what transformation is all about. When the peoples minds are transformed, their attitudes are consequently transformed,’’ he said.

Udoh stressed that NAMA would strive to play pivotal roles in the Federal Government’s transformation agenda.

‘We will re-intensify our efforts to give excellent services with the aid of sophisticated, reliable and more effective technology, in compliance with the conditions spelt out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO),’’ he said.