NLC Urges Firms To Pay Minimum Wage


The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in Enugu State has charged companies, banks, industries and other employers of labour in the state to begin the payment of the new minimum wage to workers.

The Nigerian government has set N18,000 as the minimum wage payable to workers.

Mr. Ndudi Chude, Vice-Chairman of the NLC in Enugu State told newsmen on Tuesday in Enugu that ongoing dialogue with employers over the payment of the wage would focus on employers with more than 50 employees.

He explained that the charge was meant to make government and the private sector to realise that the new minimum wage affected all their workers.

Chude said the NLC would visit banks and companies after positive conclusions would have been reached with the Enugu State government on the implementation of the new wage.

“Other employers of labour who have employed more than 50 people, we are going to visit them so that they will now start paying that minimum wage.

“So that government will now know that labour is not just out for government alone. We are out for the employers of labour who are involved in this very bargain.’’

Reports says day that Chude was also a National Vice-President, Radio Television and Theatre Arts Workers Union.