How Dog Became Domestic Animal


Hello Children,

Once upon a time all the animals in the bush gathered and decided to build a house where they would all live. During their meeting to implement their decision reached they all came to a conclusion to build a house immediately so that their properties would be intact as the rainy season was just at the corner.

They all agreed on a date and entered into the busy, cut sticks and other building materials.

They erected the building and this gave them happiness that they were able to provide shelter for themselves.

One day as they all went out for their normal duties, the rain fell and they were soaked except the dog who ran to the house immediately on seeing the rain.

As soon as the dog got home he started making fire with a view of keeping the house warm.

Not quite long all the animals returned from their duties well soaked by the heavy rain that fell, but they were disappointed as the dog refused them entry into the house they all laboured to build.

Rather the dog ordered them to stay outside until their bodies were dried.

They obeyed, they remained outside until at last the dog ordered them to enter the house.

As soon as they entered the house the dog warned them again that should any of them go out to be soaked by the rain, there will be no accommodation for the animal concerned.

One early morning, the dog left the house to attend to his duties leaving behind the remaining animals.

The Leopard gathered other animals and warned them to return home from their duties not later than 2.00pm so as to enable it look out for the dog.

They all agreed and kept to the time and finally locked the doors and windows.

As the dog returned to find out that the doors and windows were locked and all efforts to get the other mates to open the door for him proved abortive, he decided to stay outside till the following morning and left for the forest to seek accommodation.

As he entered the forest he saw some hunters and begged them not to shoot.

He then narrated his story and told them that he knew where the other animals were residing.

This revealation saved him and the hunters quickly ordered that he should take them to the place.

As they got nearer to the house, the dog told them to keep silence and take cover.

The dog hid himself near the building. The other animals thinking that the dog had gone away decided to open the door.

As soon as they opened the door the dog jumped into the house and started biting them.

As a result of this, other animals ran out only to be shot by hunters who had already taken position.

The hunters took the dog home and trained him as a domestic animal and also used him during their hunting expedition.