NBC To Digitalise All Broadcast Stations By 2012


The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), says broadcasting stations in the country will undergo full digitisation by 2012 if government enacts the necessary legislation to back up the transition.

The Director-General of NBC, Mr Yomi Bolarinwa, told newsmen on Friday in Abuja that the commission was working tirelessly to ensure a successful transition, soon.

He said that the Presidential Advisory Committee set up to coordinate the exercise had submitted

its report, which advised that the commission should have two licensing categories.

The first category, he added, was that broadcast stations would no longer be licensed and given a channel to operate, while the second suggested that there would be license to contribute content

and become a content provider, and then have somebody who would provide the facility for transmission.

Bolarinwa noted that in the last two years, there had been digital pedestal transmissions in Lagos,

Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Abuja.

“Today, if we want to switch over in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, it will be successfully done.

In transition, it is not about your transmission that matters, but the number of people who receive analogue, and today can receive digital, that matters.’’

Bolarinwa said that the whole country could not be switched over by 2012, stressing that it had to

be a gradual process, which would not cause interference to the neighbouring countries.

This, he added, would be in phases in order to bring synergy from one phase to another.

“Let me make it very clear that there is nowhere in the world that we can switch over the whole country at once, because it has to be a gradual process.’’