Stand Out In Bustier And Wrappers


Two wrappers and blouse is a common outfit among Nigeria women particularly those from the South-East and South-South.


Though, mostly common among married, middle ages and elderly women, women of different ages and classes adorn wrappers and blouses to events like wedding, traditional marriages, burials and many more.


However, for the best result, ensure that the colour of the blouse matches that of wrapper, the blouse must be well designed to suit your shape; choose the neck-line that will be suitable for you.  For instance, if you have big bursts, go for Y-neck.  It is perfect for showing off your assets as it reveals a sexy flattering slice of skin.  The curved line is good for small burst.


You may also bead or combine the blouse with another matching, plain material for a richer, sophisticated design.


Calista Ezeaku